Vertical-form-fill-seal bagging equipment customized bagger

Basic parameter of Vertical-form-fill-seal bagging equipment

Speed: 50 bags/minute
Length of pyramid bag: 50mm~80mm
Size of flat bag: 60mm~90mm (W)* 40mm~80 mm (L)
Tea bag capacity : up to 1.5g~10g
Packing materials: Food standard non-woven fabrics and nylon filter fabric
Width of material’s roll,140mm,160mm,(Option:120mm ,180 mm)
Power supply: AC 220V 50HZ Power: 1.2KW
Air Pressure: 0.6MPa Air consumption: 100L/min
Net weight:420KG Gross weight:550KG
Overall dimensions: 1.84m x 1.13m x 0.89m
Carton dimensions: 2.03m x 1.19m x 1.09m
Roll quantity 1
Seal cutting equipment 2 sets
Rolled paper core inside diameter Φ76㎜
Rolled outer diameter ≤Φ400㎜


This is an automated high precision packaging equipment suitable for the sealing bagging green tea read tea coffee health tea granules into the pyramid-shaped bags;

The tea bagging equipment is mainly composed of three systems:the high precion mechanism transmission system/automation controlling system and pneumatic transmission system;
The contruction of machine consists of three parts: Feeding part/forming part/filling-sealing parts;

Compared with common tea bag, this tea bag could extend itself quickly after immerse in hot water,preserving the original taste, delicate fragrance and natural,do not hurt tea bag, could immerse for many times.

The design of transparent net makes the taste of teaplays more completely,the consumer could see the appearance, smell the fragrance, look the color, taste andcheck tea with original taste just like the fresh tea, let the taste not restricted in container, you could enjoy more convenient modern life at any time and place. The volume can be measured by electronic scales.


Be used for automatically packing products as green tea ,black tea,flower tea ,health tea,medicine tea,granule and so on .

Functions of packaging equipment

1.This unit can perform either three sides sealing and triangle teabag .just need single bond to change the bag between three sides sealing and triangle shape.
2. packaging capacity :3000bags/h (Determined by packing material)
3. Applicable packing materials:Nylon film with thread and label.
4.The precision volumetric metering way very easily in the transformation of filling material. Electronic scale metering can be collocated according to the material.
5. Human-Computer Interface,Omron PLC control,adopted the Panasonnic double Servo motor to make the bag .supplied complete setting functions.easy operating
6.Main motor overload protection device
7. Packaging material tension automatic adjustment device
8. The machine will automatically stop when Issued the warning.
9.The feature of the advanced chain-gear transmission system for continuous sealing is that the speed is very fast, the noise is very low and it runs smoothly.

The service life of the machine is long (more than 10 years), 24 hours continuous operation is ok. The black circle in the side door make the appearance and ideotype more generous and concise and make the machine seals better.

Machine manufactured in factory and ready for shipping:

Tea packaging machine in wooden case for ocean shipping:

Trouble shooting for tea packaging machinery

TroubleCauseSolution to trouble
Some mechanisms do not workOpen circuit of motorReplace motor or connect circuit
Abnormal machine runningForeign objects in gears or moving partsShut off machine for repair
Burnt sealingNo oil lubrication at thermal sealing roller bearingsBearing key is detached inject oil and fasten tight.
Bad sealing of packing bagsUneven left and right pressure on thremal sealing rollerAdjust pressure
Thermal sealing roller wear-offReplace
Unclean where thermal sealing is appliedClean with copper brush
Packing paper has bad qualityContact with packing paper manufacturer
Copper sheath wear-offReplace
Sealing disabledHeating components burnt outReplace
Bad electric componentsCheck and replace
Corrugation and packing film sealing not alignedThe centerline of packing film does not match with thremal roller dimensionSee adjust The Shaper of The Filtrate Bag(inner bag)


Forming instrument bad adjustmentSee adjust The Shaper of The Filtrate Bag(inner bag)
Sealing contains or leaks fillerDifferent filler feeding time (Due to air resistance)
Filler feeding time does not fit in with thermal sealing time
Bad cutCytter gear wear-offReplace
Blunt or damaged cutter edgeReplace or sharpen cutter