Vertical carton forming erecting bottom sealing machine

Automatic carton erector equipment

Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220/50
Power (W) 220
Gas Pressure (Mpa) 6-7kg
Max. Carton Size (W×H) (mm) 500*400*400mm
Min. Carton Size (W×H) (mm) 250*150*100mm
Taping Speed (m/min) 24
Adhesive Tape Used BOPP Water-free Adhesive Tape PVC Adhesive Tape
Height of Table (mm) 600mm
Width of Adhesive Tape (mm) 60 (There will be some change on min. carton size if you use the tape in width 48mm or 76mm)
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 2000*1900*1450mm
Net Weight (kg) 480kg


The machine is operated and maintained easily with simple structure and high quality, for which it is widely used in various industries.

Safety precautions

1.The operator and maintenance personnel should read the operating manual carefully before operating and maintaining this machine.
2.The operator must keep away from the back folding plate to avoid injury.
3.The power and gas must be closed when installing the tape and doing the daily maintenance.
4.Only the trained personnel can operate the machine.

Performance/Features(carton erecting machine)

►Easy operation,machine can be used individually and combined with the packaging line.

►Vertical storage,cartons can be added at any time without stopping the machine.

►Suitable for forming and sealing cartons of the same size.

►Manually adjust to change the carton sizes(finishing in 2-3minutes).

►Advanced photoelectricity induction control system.

►Rationally designed, the forming, folding and sealing process are accomplished simultaneously.

►Cutter Safety system to prevent hands form stabbed by the cutter.

►Heavy duty built, both steel and stainless steel types.

►Equipped with PLC system, saving labor and easy to operate.

►Adopted international advanced technology, with imported parts and electrical components, this machine has a stable performance and long life-using.

Carton erecting packing machine Options:

  • Stainless steel version;
  • Hot melt glue sealing type
  • Right hand or left hand;
  • Specified machine color
  • Specified pneumatic and electrical elements brand
  • Open safety guard alarm, machine stop function
  • Isolate electrical cabinet
  • 2 & 3 inch tape head;
  • 24V low voltage control

Fully automatic carton erector + top sealing+ strapping machinery automated line:

Basic parameter of automatic carton erector equipment


Voltage (V/Hz)AC 220/50(can be adjusted with US power supply)
Power (W)220
Gas Pressure (Mpa)6-7kg
Max. Carton Size (W×H) (mm)500*400*400mm
Min. Carton Size (W×H) (mm)250*150*100mm
Taping Speed (m/min)24
Adhesive Tape UsedBOPP   Water-free Adhesive Tape   PVC Adhesive Tape
Height of Table (mm)600mm
Width of Adhesive Tape (mm)60 (There will be some change on min. carton size if you use the tape in width 48mm or 76mm)
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)2000*1900*1450mm
Net Weight (kg) 480kg

Illustration of carton erecting machine

Malfunctions and solutions on carton erection bottom sealing equipment:


Malfunction and Solution of the Sealer

NrMalfunctionPossible reasonSolution
1Adhesive tape can

not be cut off

The reamer patch is not sharp enough.

The reamer tine isjammed by the bond.

Change the reamer patch

Launder the reamer patch

2There is tail

after the adhesive tape

is cut off.

The reamer patch is not sharp enough.

There is stem on the reamer seating.

The pulling spring is too loose.

Check if the nut on the reamer

seating is too loose or not.

Lubricate the nut if necessary.

3The adhesive tape

can’t stick to the carton


Main spring is too loose

and there is glue

on the axis of the roller.

The adhesive tape is disqualification

Adjust the pull of main spring

and clear up the roller.

Change the adhesive tape

4The carton is locked

in the midway.

The nut on the pasting wheel

is too tight,

the height adjustment of the carton’s

transporting line is not suitable,

and the main spring is too tight.

Loosen the pasting wheel,

regulate the nut,

re-adjust the height

and loosen the main spring.

5The adhesive tape

is cut down

during sealing.

The reamer patch protrudes

excessively long.

Lower the place

of the reamer patch.

6The adhesive tape is

often off the track.

The pressure of the guiding roller

on the carton is not equal.

Re-adjust the space

of the guiding roller.

7The adhesive tape

is not on the central line.

The anti-retrorse wheel is broken.Change the anti-retrorse.
8There is abnormity

during the sealing.

There is dust on the axletree seating.Clean the axletree

seating and lubricate.

9There is jut

before sealing

and drape after sealing.

The speed of different straps

is different, and the carton is not

at the proper place

when pushing into the machine.

Adjust each transporting line’s

pull to be consistent

so that the carton

can be put at the correct place.

10There is drape

after sealing

the strain of adhesive tape is too large