Tabletop type automatic labeling machine small round bottles self-adhesive sticker wrapping labeller equipment

Technical Paramer of sticker labeller equipment:

Capacity (pcs/min): 20-60BPM
Driving Mode: Servo motor
Labeling accuracy: ±1mm
Belt Speed(m/min): ≤35
Label Specification: adhesive sticker, transparent or opaque
Suitable bottle size: customized
Suitable label size: Height 20-260mm Length 25-300mm
The inner diameter or label roll: 76mm(min)
The outer diameter of label roll: 250mm(max)
Power: 250w
weight: 80kg
Voltage: customized, 110V/220V/380V
Machine size: 1200x1000x780mm


The Labeling machine suit for differnet size round products labeling in food, medicine, daily chemical and other light industries.

Equipment features

1. Suitable for labeling all kinds of cylindrical objects or round bottles in different size.
2. Efficiency is as high as 40 pcs/minute.
3. Composed of the main body, label sender, label receiver, bottle rollers, etc.
4. High accuracy and high speed, dispensing & labeling automatically
5. Labeling has no creases or bubbles. Neat presentation and professional quality!
6. Made of branded PLC, sensor and other electronic components for reliable performance.
7. Modular design, convenient maintenance and low repair costs.
8. Labeling bottle adjustable, meeting different before and after the work piece labeling needs

Machine main configuration table

name Brand Quantity use
PLC Shenzhen Display Control 1 Machine program carrier
Touch display Shenzhen Display Control 1 Machine interface
Frequency converter Siemens, Germany 1 Stability control and speed regulation of the
labeling motor
Measuring electric eye German Leuze 1 Test product notification PLC send standard
Measuring electric eye German Leuze 1 Detect the output of the tag control tag
Marking motor Shenzhen JMC 1 Sending the power
Label motor Taiwan Oubang 1 Volume of power
Conveying motor Taiwan Oubang 1 Power of transmission

Wooden case packing for labeling machine