Small case boxes carton sealing machine with safety fence taping sealer equipment

Basic parameter of carton boxes flaps folding sealing machines :

delivery speed:17.5m/min
Caron size in Maximum:L600×W500×H500mm
Carton size in Minimum:L200×W150×H150mm
Power Supply:220/380V1∮-3∮50-60Hz(option)1P220V50HZ
Power consumption:400W
Height of platform:580-780mm
Tape size:W48mm/60mm/75mm (Option)
Machine size:L1770×W850×H1520
Machine weight: 250kg


Semi automatic Carton Flaps Folding Machine carton baxes sealer equipment with adhesive tapes folding cover sealing machinery

This product is suitable for carton sealing and the tape,

Automatic sealing adhesive tape machine with automatic folding cover, is the ideal packaging equipment characteristics of the function of convience&economy and efficience.

Carton sealing machine with safety fence run Customer's factory

Machine without protective safety guard

Parts Adopted for carton folding sealing

1.Motor : Taiwan Luyang
2.Power switch: Korea KACON
3.Bearing : Japan NSK
4.Cutter :Japan SKD11
5.Conveyor Belts: import from Italy
6.Caster :YX-200
7.Touched Switch:Japan OMRON
8.Intermediate Relay : Janpan IDEC
9.AC Contactor :CHINT
10.Cylinda : Taiwan SHARKO
11.Magnetic Valve:Taiwan SHARKO

Flow chart for carton sealing process from box cartons sealer equipment:

Working Flow for fully automatic carton sealing end packaging process:

Adhesive tapes equipped with the carton sealing machine for sealing the cartons :

Cartons samples after folding sealing carton boxes sealer equipment

Plant workshop for carton sealing machines various model for assembly & commissioning

Plywooden crate & ocean Shipping for carton sealing machines

Malfunctions and solutions on carton erection sealing equipment:


Malfunction and Solution of the Sealer
NrMalfunctionPossible reasonSolution
1Adhesive tape can not be cut offThe reamer patch is not sharp enough.
The reamer tine isjammed by the bond.
Change the reamer patch
Launder the reamer patch
2There is tail after the adhesive tape is cut off.The reamer patch is not sharp enough.
There is stem on the reamer seating.
The pulling spring is too loose.
Check if the nut on the reamer
seating is too loose or not.
Lubricate the nut if necessary.
3The adhesive tape can’t stick to the carton completely.Main spring is too loose
and there is glue
on the axis of the roller.
The adhesive tape is disqualification
Adjust the pull of main spring
and clear up the roller.
Change the adhesive tape
4The carton is locked in the midway.The nut on the pasting wheel
is too tight,
the height adjustment of the carton’s
transporting line is not suitable,
and the main spring is too tight.
Loosen the pasting wheel,
regulate the nut,
re-adjust the height
and loosen the main spring.
5The adhesive tape is cut down during sealing.The reamer patch protrudes
excessively long.
Lower the place
of the reamer patch.
6The adhesive tape is often off the track.The pressure of the guiding roller
on the carton is not equal.
Re-adjust the space
of the guiding roller.
7The adhesive tape is not on the central line.The anti-retrorse wheel is broken.Change the anti-retrorse.
8There is abnormity during the sealing.There is dust on the axletree seating.Clean the axletree
seating and lubricate.
9There is jut before sealing and drape after sealing.The speed of different straps
is different, and the carton is not
at the proper place
when pushing into the machine.
Adjust each transporting line’s
pull to be consistent
so that the carton
can be put at the correct place.
10There is drape after sealingthe strain of adhesive tape is too large