Single Web VFFS system Multihead Pouch Bags Packing Machinery

Basic parameter of Single Web VFFS system Multihead Pouch Bags Packing Machinery

Bag width 100-300mm(W)
Max width of roll film 620mm
Packing speed 20-40bags/min
Measuring range 3000ml
Air consumption 0.8mpa
Gas consumption 0.5m3;/min
Power voltage 220V/50HZ
Power 3KW
Dimension L3750*W1980* H3500 mm
Deadweight of machine 700Kg


The Vertical form fill sealing machine (VFFS) is a type of automated assembly-line product packaging system, commonly used in the packaging industry for food, and a wide variety of other products. The machine constructs plastic bags out of a flat roll of plastic film, while simultaneously filling the bags with product and sealing the filled bags. Both solids and liquids can be bagged using this packaging system.

The typical machine is loaded with a continuous flat roll of plastic film, which has had labeling and artwork applied to the exterior or interior of the film. Note that while plastic is the most commonly used packaging material in the food industry, the technology can also be used to form continuous matalized foil/film, paper, and fabric product containers by changing the edge sealing/seaming methods. For some products the film may first be fed through a sterilizing chemical bath and dryer prior to use in the packaging system.

For a vertical form-fill-seal the film approaches the back of a long hollow conical tube, which is called the forming tube. When the center of the plastic is near the tube, the outer edges of the film form flaps that wrap around the conical forming tube. The film is pulled downward around the outside of the tube and a vertical heat-sealing bar clamps onto the edges of the film to create the "fin Seal", bonding the film by melting the seam edges together.
To start the bagging process, a horizontal sealing bar creates the "Bottom Seal" by clamping across the bottom edge of the tube, bonding the film together, and cutting off any film below. This sealing bar can be on a fixed height, which is called an intermittent sealing process. Faster systems include a sealing bar that moves down with the bag while sealing. This is called a continuous process. The product is either pre-measured by a multi-head weighing system or the sealed tube end is then lowered onto a precision weighing table and the product to be bagged is dispensed through the long conical tube in the center of the bag. When the gross weight of the product-filled bag is reached, filling stops, and the horizontal sealing bar seals the top of the bag, simultaneously forming the bottom of the next bag above. This bag is then cut off from the tube and is now a sealed package, ready to advance onward into the product boxing and shipping processes. Multi-head weigher portioning into VFFS vertical form-fill-seal machine system, packaging shredded cheese.

During the final sealing process, the bag may be filled with air from a blower or from an inert gas supply such as nitrogen. Inflating the bag helps reduce the crushing of fragile products such as potato chips, while inflating with inert gas helps drive out oxygen and retards the growth of bacteria that would spoil the product. Other product finishes such as hole punching for retail hanging racks will be done concurrently or just after the "Top Seal" is made.
The feeding of material and cutting of the bag/pouch can be determined either by pouch length, or by indexing to an eyespot (photo registration mark), which is detected by a visual sensor. While single web systems are popular for food applications, the dual web four side seal system is often popular for IVD and Medical device products. Closely related is the horizontal form-fill-seal machine, which generally uses more floor space than a vertical system. Modern advancements in pouch forming technology have allowed for smaller and smaller Vertical pouch forming systems.
Many food filled packages are filled with nitrogen to extend shelf life. Food manufacturers are often looking for ways to improve their geographical reach or otherwise extending the shelf life of their product without the use of chemicals. Nitrogen filling is a natural means of extending shelf life. More and more manufacturers are choosing to create and control their own nitrogen supply by using an on demand nitrogen generators.

Application of packing machine bags form fill seal equipment:

Suitable for packing fragile bulk material with irregular shapes and requiring high measuring accuracy, such as :nails,screws, puffed food, shrimp strip, potato chips, banana chips, apple flakes, crispy rice, biscuit, peanut, cooked seeds, sweets etc.

Feature of computer weigher feeding filling sealing bagging equipment:

* Imported PLC computer control system with human-machine interface; touch screen is simple and direct-viewing in operation;

* precise positioning with servo film transporting system; excellent complete machine performance and nice packing;

* minimize the loss with complete automatic warn protection function;

* supported with metric device, the machine will automatically complete all packaging processes from measuring, feeding, filling

* the way of bag making: the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing bag according to customer’s requirements.

Basic parameter of bags form fill seal equipment:

Bag sizeL: 100-480 mm      W: 100-350 mm
Packing speed5-50 bags/min
Max film width620 mm
Film thickness0.04-0.09 mm
Pulling film typeDual belt tension membran
Air consumption0.8Mpa 0.4/min
Gas consumption0.5m3/min
Power source3KW/220V 50-60Hz
Overall sizeL3750*W1980* H3500 mm

Multiheads scale packing machine including the parts as below:

1.main engine 2. 10 head combination Weigher

3. Z Type Material Conveyer 4. Vibration feeding machine

5.Supporting platform 6. Finished products conveyer

7.Weight Checker(Optional) 8.rotary collecting table(Selected)

Configuration of packing machine puffed food with Gas flushing:

Sequence NO.Accessory Namecountry of originbrand
1touch screenTaiwanWEINVIEW


3Servo motor including driveJapanPanasonic
4Color standard sensor

Electronic eye


5Temperature control meterChinaXIAMEN  YATAI
6Horizontal sealing cylinder               TaiWan               AirTac
7Vertical sealing with guide bar
8Cutter thin cylinder
9Push film cylinder
10Two couplet
11Value with gauge
12Electromagnetic valve with disc
13Inflatable solenoid valves
14printerChinaXIAMEN TANE
15Solid state relaysTaiwanYANGJI
16Among the relayJapanIDEC
17Switching power supplyTaiwanYANGJI
18Stop switchJapanIDEC

After-sales service for exported machines:


1.We provide videos and instruction manual to show the process of installation.

2.We provide training for installation for free in our factory.

3.We can send technician to buyer's factory to install the machine and provide training service.

After Sales Service:

1.One year quality warranty and free lifetime technique support.

2.Free spare parts would be supplied if machine broken within warranty period Except the easily damaged parts.

3.After the warranty period, the spare parts for replacement are offered based on certain charge.