Single lane cosmetics gel liquid sachet bagging packing machine irrgular-shaped bags form fill seal equipment

Main technical parameters and configurations of irregular bags packing machinery

Capacity20-50bags/min (depends on filling material and roll film)
Filling range1-100ml
Bag sizeLength: 50-180mm

Width: 50-150mm

Film widthMax: 320mm
Bag typeIrregular shaped sachet, customer design
Package materialLaminated film
Air consumption0.4m³/min, 0.6-0.8Mpa
Total power2.5KW
Total weight450KG
dimension1020*880*2165mm (L*W*H)


The irregular-shaped bag packaging liquid is specially designed for our customer who only offered us the size of film. We not only manufacture the machine for them,the film as well drawn by our engineer team according to the requirements from the Buyer.

The Single lanes packaging machine packs the liquid or oil or other fluid liquid into the shaped bags which are made of PE/PET/Paper materials film.

Irregular packing machine is manufactured&customized with the samples bags offered by customers.

Description on irrgular-shaped bags packaging machinery

1. It can complete automatically make you prefered bag, weigh, fill, seal, cut, print date code, etc.
2. 304 stainless steel machine, PLC computer control system with touch screen, display screen is simple and direct viewing in operation, daily production output and self-diagnostic machine error will be viewed directly from the screen.
3. It adopts sealing mould and cutting mould to keep irregular shaped sachet.
4. Driven type: pneumatic, it make the operation easy than mechanical driven type, and the packing samples more beautiful than common.
5. Attractive appearance. Stable performance.
6. The machine fix stepper motor controller, its advantage is precise, needless to adjust other parts.
7. Intelligent temperature control by temperature controller to make heat balance better.
8. Fine packaging performance, low noise, clear sealing texture and strong sealing performance.
9. With safe plastic box on rotating blade to avoid hurting operators hands.
10. High sensitive fiber optic photo sensor can automatically trace color mark accurately.

Packing Materials:Paper/PE,PET/AL Foil/PE,PET/PE,Nylon/PE, Tea-leaf filtering paper etc.

Packaging pictures about our machine exported