Single head fermented tea leaves filling machine

Parameter of Single head fermented tea leaves filling machine

Filling volume:250-300g
Filling accuracy 0.5~2%
Working power: 220V/50hz/Single phase
Power Consumption:750W
Air pressure:4-7kgf/cm2
Filling speed:15pcs~25pcs/Min
Weight :about 200kg
Gross Weight: 245KG
Size :1200mmX800mmX1300mm


The filling machine is specially designed and manufactured for big chunks olive leaves tea fermented filling packaging process. The filling metering way adopts the screw auger controlled by the Servo motor.

* Must read before first use *

1: Before the machine is plugged in, make sure the power switch is in the 【close】 state, and then follow the instructions.
2: The machine should be wiped with dry cloth if it does not run for a long time, corrosive cleaning agent should not be used.
3: It is strictly prohibited to splash liquid into the electricity box of the machine, so as to avoid corrosion of internal electrical components and resulting in short circuit.
4: According to the equipment packing list, check that the equipment, material model, specification and quantity should meet the requirements of design and product standards, and have certificate of product qualification.
5: Check that the appearance of the equipment should have no deformation, damage or corrosion, the rotation of the rotating shafts should be flexible and without clighting stagnation.
6: This machine is single phase AC 220V, the power plug is flat 3 plug, which should be inserted into power socket with ground wire.

The tea filler basic operation

a) a screw auger is driven by a stepper motor
b) the leaves are loaded via a stainless steel hopper
c) the leaves are fed into a collector by the operation of the screw auger
d) a valve actuator opens and close a valve inside the collector
e) when the valve is open, a compression piston
pushes the fed leaves into the glass bottle
f) the compression piston effectively feeds the leaves into the glass bottle and compacts it


Drawing of filling machine

Configuration of filling tea machine

Sr Name Brand Qty
1 PLC Panasonic 1
3 Step Motor JSCC 1
4 Feeding auger -- 2
8 Invertor ENC 2
10 Sensor Kenence N
11 Cabinet made of SS304,Main parts made of Alumina and Chrom-plating as well as SS304;


Wooden case packing of the filling machine semi automatic: