Semi-automatic vial crimp capping machine

Basic parameter of small bottles oral liquid vials crimping machine

voltage 220V/50Hz
power 50w
Sealing diameter 10-35mm
Capacity 20 bottles/min
Apply bottles heigh 30-180mm
size 35*25*65cm
Net weight 26kg
Material Stainless steel
Bottles capacity 1ml-50ml


This machine is mainly used in a variety of glass bottles, aluminum combination lid, aluminum lid, easy-open lid seal, not suitable for screw cap cover. Semi-automatic sealing machine, applicable to the sealing of the oral liquid bottles, vials, penicillin bottles, antibiotic bottles, glass bottles.

1ml-50ml bayonet glass bottles, not suitable for spiral mouth glass bottles. The whole novelty, beautiful, machine design is reasonable, lightweight.

Table and protective cover are stainless steel manufacturing, wheel strength, wear resistance, long life, good sealing the bottles rolled aluminum cover. Is the most ideal for small batch production of major hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, research and capping equipment.

Application of manual crimping machine for oral liquid vials ampoule bottles with aluminum caps.

1. a bottle of good irrigation liquid and fitted lid into the next tray, leaning against the V-shaped branch block, hand held onto the bottle with one hand and the handle toward the down taut, then tray care bottle lift, until the cap and rolled hijab pressed.

2. when the cap and rolled hijab pressed, the three capping of the spinning heads rotate a few laps, the cap rolled tight. (Note) The motor must be clockwise operation.

3. the handle forward and push the rolling good cover lid with the tray back into place, the whole operation process is complete after each rolling a cap, repeat the above operation.

Crimping samples for vials oral solution glass bottles with aluminum caps

Fumigation-free wooden case packaging for manual crimping machine

Business terms for aluminum caps crimping locker equipment for oral liquid ampoule containers