Semi automatic round bottles labeling machine with batch number codes printer

Main Technical Parameters of labeling machine with batch number coding

Round bottles labeling machine with code printer

1.Productivity:10—50 b.p.m
2.Labelling accuracy: ±0.5mm
3.Percent of Pass: ≥99%
4.Power Supply: 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
5.Total Power: 0.2KW
6.Dimensions: 600(L)×300(W)×400(H)mm
8.Label Roll Outer Diameter: 260mm Max,Inner Diameter:75mm.


The round bottles labeling machine is mainly composed of main unit, paper feeder, paper collector and bottle locator, YX-L60T semi-automatic round bottle labelling machine is suitable for all kinds of round articles’ labelling. Manually place the bottles onto the locator, pull down the hand pull switch after locating the bottles and then the the labels will be automatically applied on them.

Adjustment of Main Components

1.Paper Feeding

Open the front lid of paper feeder, then put the labels in the label tray. Confirm the right positioning the forward and reverse direction and hang it as per the labelling direction

2.Bottle Locating

Place the bottle into the local after confirming the labelling direction, and then trial label one label to observe if the positioning of labelling is correct. Then adjust the front, back, left and right positions of locator to confirm the position of labelling.

3.Labelling Light sensor

Confirm the label is in alignment with the stripping mouth by adjusting the front and back positions of the light sensor.

Installation & Test Run

►After confirming the position to install the unit, adjust the four machine leg screws to make the main unit at level with desktop.

►User must get familiar with the structure, work principle, methods of adjustment and technical parameters of the unit.

►Check if each component is in good condition and lubrication status of each transmission part. Lubrication oil must be supplemented if in shortage.

►The unit can be used for normal operation once there is no abnormity is found after half an hour’s test run.

►Light Sensor Sensitivity Adjustment

COARSE & FINE Adjustment.

Set to Minimum on COARSE and to Middle on FINE.

Put an object in front of the detecting head, rotate COARSE to the right slowly until OUT is on.

Then adjust Fine knob, rotate to the left until light is off, then to the right until light is just on.


  • Check the voltage of power source to be same with machine’s power supply.
  • Connect to power source, switch light will be on.
  • Check if labels are well hung and positions are correct.
  • Trial labelling on an object, then adjust the label light sensor to make label out position in alignment with stripping plate and the mould position to the appropriate.


  • Change lubrication oil for the gearbox and reduction box once each month.
  • Oil each drive sprocket, cam and gears regularly with butter.
  • Scrub each component with ethyl alcohol, but never spray-wash with water.
  • After each use, scrub clean each drive belt-driven roller clean and store in clean places.

Common Faults & Trouble Shooting

Labels drift left and rightCheck if the bottle locator and bottle bottom’s contact is in place each time and also if the label locating ring is adjusted in consistency and in place
Label crinklesAdjust the position between labels and stripping plate, to make it in alignment with the stripping plate or 1-2mm above
Does not labelCheck if the hand pull structure is in good contact with the microswitch and the distances between bottle locators are appropriate.

Packaging,loading and transportation.

1. Packing

The machine should be sealed for packing, each component should be fixed firmly and the crate bottom should be solid.

2. Loading

The machine should be loaded correctly with forklift lifting from bottom and then moving, never be placed side down or upside down.

3. Transportation

The machine should be transported correctly placed, with crate bottom in good contact with truck contact surface.