Semi automatic PE film shrink packing machine

Technical parameters of heat shrink packaging machine semi automatic:

Shrink stove size 800×400×200mm
Power 5Kw
Carrying capacity 5 kg
Conveyor speed 0-10m/min
Temperature(°C) 0-300
Machine weight 160kg
Outer dimension 1200×630×750mm
Power supply : 220V/50HZ/Single phase
Suitable materials:POF,PVC,PP,PE,etc


This Semi automatic shrink packing machine heat shrinkage packager machine is suitable for single or multi heat-shrinking film package which features transparent, beautiful, damp-proof and anticorrosive.

Shrink Packaging is the international market, more advanced packaging methods. It is the use of shrink wrapped in the product or packaging outside , and then heated to shrink packaging products and bind tightly or equipment parts , it shows that the sales of goods in order to increase the sense of beauty and value ; Meanwhile, The Shrink packaging machine after items can be sealed ,moisture, pollution prevention and protection of goods from external shocks, has a certain buffer, in addition , can reduce the products are demolished, the possibility of theft ; shrink film shrinks produce a certain tension,it can a group of items to be packaged bind tightly rope tied to play the role ,especially for multi- items in the collection and tray packaging,so the product can be widely used in a variety of small product packaging.

Application of semi automatic PE film thermal shrink packing machines

►This shrink wrapping machine is widely applied for outer shrink packing of various products, such as foodstuff, beverage, pharmacy, video disc, hardware, cosmetics, book, toy and electronic products etc.
►To shrink wrapping the combined products in supermarket for sales promotion, such as foodstuff, beverage, cosmetics, presswork and toy etc.
► To use in place where there is restriction on space, such as supermarket, monopolization shop, office and some laboratory etc

Working principle of heat shrink packing machine semi automatic for boxes :

Two fans in electricity box cools down electricity box in order to protect electronics. Conveyor motor cools down by fan underneath.The powerful fan produces even hot airflow inside of shrink tunnel. The speed of the conveyer is adjustable.

Conveyor has option of chain roller and iron net conveyor for choice.

Technical parameters of heat shrink packaging machine semi automatic:

ModelYX-4020 YX-4035YX-4525
Shrink stove size800×400×200mm800×400×350mm800×450×250mm
Carrying capacity5 kg5 kg10 kg
Conveyor speed 0-10m/min 0-10m/min 0-10m/min
Machine weight150kg170kg190kg
Outer dimension1200×630×750mm1200×600×900mm1200×750×1150mm

Infrared heat shrink packaging machines semi automatic picture:

Constant Temperature Shrink Packing Machine semi automatic

Semi automatic thermal shrink packing machine equipped with sealing machine for sealing packaging line :

Shrink Packaging samples from Thermal shrink packaging machines

Wooden case packaging for semi automatic far infra red shrink packaging machine PE film oeverwrapping machines: