Semi automatic hexagonal bottles labelling system non-dry sticker labels applicator benchtop type flat container labeller machinery

Parameter of rolling labeling machine

Labeling accuracy:  ±0.2mm
Labeling speed: 10~25Pieces / min
Applicable Dimensions (Length): 20mm~250mm
Applicable Product Size (width): 20mm~150mm
Applicable Dimensions (height): 0.2mm~120mm
Applicable Label Size Length:15mm~250mm Width:15mm~150mm
Inner diameter of label roll: Φ76 mm Label largest diameter Φ280mm
Dimensions (L × W × H): 850mm×410mm×720mm
Power supply: 220V 50HZ Total Power 145W
Pressure (Mpa):  0.4~0.6Mpa


The rolling labeling machine semi automatic customized oval flat plastic bottles is replacing the pneumatic driving part with the stepping motor .With stepping motor the labeling machines work in a more stable way . The highly-performance machines labeling is specially designed for oval soft plastic bottles in order to avoid the insufficient labels in edge or lower accuracy labeling for irregular bottles .

Labeling is one of the most critical components in a bottling line. A customer’s perception of the quality of a product is directly related to the quality of the label on that product.

Labelers must therefore be precise to show quality and also flexible to meet changing regulatory demands. Inline Filling Systems offers a host of labeling machines for the most simple, low cost, semi manual applications to the most demanding high speed, state-of-the-art applications.

Below is the Drawing for rolling labeling machine series:

The basic purpose on semi automatic plane surface labeling machine semi automatic

applies to products on flat or curved, concave labeling, labeling accuracy up to ± 0.2mm, mainly used in electronic components, precision labeling of digital products, such as SD cards, cell phone batteries, FPC, mobile phone charger labeling and so on. Precision labeling, highlighting the excellent quality of products, improve competitiveness.

Optional features for labeling machine custom rolling labeler equipment semi automatic for plane&oblong bottles objects:

Coder: thermal coder word tablets print production date, expiration date, batch number and other information.

Scope of customized labeling machine rolling labeler equipment

◆ Applicable Label: Label, electronic monitoring code, bar code, etc.
◆ Application: require flat or curved, circular surface, concave, convex, or other surface attached label.
◆ Industry: Widely used in food, toys, cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceutical, metal, plastic, printing and other industries.
◆ Applications: SD card labeling, labeling and other batteries. (Canon Charger: no bubbles)
Working Process
◆ core principle: This principle is part of our R & D alone, if interested, please inquire.
◆ Procedure: put the product -> Labeling and covered standard (device automatically) -> Remove any labeling products.

Features on semi automatic bottles labeling machine

◆ precision, domestic original labeling technology, labeling accuracy of ± 0.2mm, meet the needs of high-precision labeling;
◆ Easy to operate, stripping standard, standard delivery, suction mark, labeling and other actions automatically cover standard, manual loading to complete the labeling process;
◆ safety, transmission components wrapped with pneumatic circuit arranged separately, to avoid an exception occurs, the use of safer;
◆ high stability, using stepper motors + PLC + electronic control system consisting of fiber optic sensors, equipment stability, long time working;
◆ Optional automatic scale turntable device, can significantly improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, improve labeling efficiency;
◆ Optional features and components: ① automatic feeding function; ② automatic rewinding function (combination of product considered); ③ other features (according to customer requirements).

Final labeling product from square bottles labeling machine semi automatic:

Wooden case packing of rolling labelling machine