Round glass plastic bottles wet glue labeling machine

Parameter of Round glass plastic bottles wet glue labeling machine

Power supply: 380V/480V±10% 3P
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Total power: 2KW
Labeling type: Part of the round, Bottles Glass , Round 30-105mm
Label sizes: Length 35-300mm , height 30-98mm
Glue coating Full coating on the back of labels
Labels In stack
Capacity: 50~100bpm(Normal 500ML)
Glue Water: soluble resin glue
Compressed air: 5.0bar
Air consumption: 4-6kgs×18liter
Total weight: 550kg
Machine sizes: L=3000 W=850 H=750 mm


This cold glue labeling machine is very suitable for small cylindrical container such as glass, plastic, PET bottle with precut paper label. The machine is economical and easy to operate. The performance is stable with a level off and good looking labeling result. The control system adopts convert motor system, the in line conveying bottle, supplying glue and label automatically. This automatic labeling system is ideal for food & beverage, medical industry etc.

Purpose and features of cold glue label machines :

1. widely applied to various industries;
2. mainly used to stick label on single or double sides of round/flat/square bottle/box
3. wide product application range, labeling scope is adjustable, this machine for 3 product shapes(round/flat/square);
4. can be matched with bottle feeder, date printer ,etc.
5. work alone or join other packaging machine line;
6. high labeling precision, stable work ability, neat,no wrinkle, no bubble, qualified rate can be up to 100%;

The different between non-sticker labeling and wet glue labeling machinery

Wet glue labeling machine use ordinary bond paper(80g or 90g single copper). Surface coating can be carried out the wax, oil or UV coating treatment volts according to the requirements of customers, to keep the label fat when stored, laminating labels should not be saved due to the formation, and it will influence speed because of winter temperatures, it is recommended not to use this surface treatment.

Wet glue labeling machine is suitable for all standard cylindrical container between the diameter from 30mm-100mm, it is easy to change mould and operate.

Wet glue labeling machine have more advantafe than adhesive sticker labeling machine; same size label, sticker labeling machine used as 4cents RMB per piece, wet glue labeling machine label is less than 1cent RMB per piece, can save about 2-3 times higher than the node cost.

But adhesive sticker labeling machine also have more advantage than wet glue labeling machine; linear current domestic cold glue labeling machine just can paste for srandard round bottle, but sticker labeling machine can be affixed to a greater variety of bottle-shaped, but also can not complete all shape bottle in the same machine.

Samples for the bottles sent from customer:

Wooden case packing for wet glue labeling machine