Rotary continuous bags-given packing machine

Basic parameter of multihead weighing filling sealing machine for large granules

Size of bag W:80~200mm L:100-300mm
Filling scope: 5-2500g
Speed: 35-60bags/min (The speed depends on the product status and filling weight)
Package accuracy Error:≤±1
Total power: 3.6Kw
Dimension: 1645mm*1450mm*1450mm
Weight: 1200KG
Scope of application: candy, peanut, green bean, pistachio, crystal candy, sugar, cookie, cake, snack,dailycommodities, cooked food, pickles, puffed food, pet food, etc
Measuring corollary equipment: Compute scale, Materials discharge conveyor, Materials-given vibrating device


The equipment is mainly applied to the bagging of large granules like radix isatidis infusion, coffee, cereals, granulars infusion for influenza, etc. automatically count packaging. Through the quantity of the pouches to the rotary packing machine, and the rotary packing machine will do filling, sealing and output packages.

A complete set of equipments with high degree of automation. So that it could have you to save the labour and improve the production So that it could help you to save the lavour and improve the production.

Features of bags-given packing machine with multihead weigher

►Fully automatic. Clip the bag, open the bag, fill the bag. Sealing and output the packages.
►Easy to operate. The machine adopts Imported PLC control, and human-machine interface with touch screen control system.
►Frequency control system. Adopts Frequency Controller, the operator can regulate the packaging speed.
►Automatic detection. If the bag is not opened or not opened completely, there will be no feeding and no sealing, so that the pouch can be reused. In this way, you can avoid wasting materials, and reduce production costs.
►Stainless steel. Main parts of the machine are made with Stainless steel, so that the machine can meet food hygiene standard, and get a longer service life.
►Good sealing quality and very low bag broken rate.
►Packaging a wide range, by choosing a different feeder. The machine can be applied to the liquid, paste, particle, powder, irregular lumps and other packaging materials.
►This packaging line include a filling and sealing machine, a multihead weigher, a z bucket elevator, and a working platform.

Working process of rotary filling sealing machine:

Station 1.Bag dispensing (Bag feeding)

Feed many pouches or bags in the bag magazine, which can move up and down, and you can feed bags very easily when it moves down, and when it moves up, there are a mechanical arm with two vacuum caps will take bag up and then transmit it to the mechanical gripper on the rotary table.

Station 2 .Date coding (Date Printing) Ribbon printer, Ink-jet printer for optional

Station 3 .Bag opening

There are vacuum caps to open the bag, and an opening detection device inserts into the opened bag to expanding it and detect if it is open or not.

Station 4 .Filling and vibrating

Measured and filled by HTKZ-10 weigher & Z-elevator

Station 5 .Filling 2nd

Gas flush for your option

Station 6 . Heat sealing 1st

To seal the bag with a couple of heat sealing air bar

Station7 . Heat sealing 2nd

To seal the bag strong enough

Station 8 . Forming and product output

To make the sealing stable and preventing from wrinkling with a couple of cold press, then output the finished production automatically. (The sealing pattern with net or straight lines for your option).

Safety Device:

  • 1.No puoch or open error,no filling .
  • 2.No pouch or no filling ,no sealing .
  • 3.The safety door open,alarm.
  • 4.No coding ribbon,Emergency stop and alarm.
  • 5.The air pressure not enough ,alarm.
  • 6.The sealing temperature abnormal ,alarm.

Packaging samples from Bags-given packing equipment:

Suitable package:        

1.flat bag2.Doybag
3.flat bag with zipper4.Doybag wth zipper
5. Gusset Bag6. Gusset Bag with zipper

Service on bags-given packing machine with multiheads weighing system

Provide whole drawing for the perform mould and bottle mould. Free charge for word design on the mould.

We can help you install the machine; from setting machine, testing, and to check the machine is on the good working condition.

There is a litter charge, only for flight charge and accommodation;

Delivery time:25 days upon deposit and approval to the bottle drawing.

Payment:For machine: 30% T/T deposit within five days after the contract is signed against invoice of the seller. The balance of 70% will be paid before shipmment.

Guarantee: We response for three year warranty for the machine, however, it without any human conduct. And provide one-year free spare part for client.

And send engineer to client’s company, help install the machine, teaching their staff operate the machine and also, we do have a private school which help our client sending their staff to china, help them training.

After sales service:The buyer pays travel expenses; hotels, airfares, meals and ground transportation and any other expenses related to installation and training at customers facility.