Plastic laminated aluminum tubes labeling machine labels applicator semi automatic non-dry sticker equipment

Specification of cosmetic pharmaceutical plastic tubes labeling equipment semi automatic hose labels applicator:

Label width: 20-200mm
Label length:20-320mm
Products Diameter: φ8mm - φ100mm
Products Heigth: 10mm -200mm
Max Outside diameter of label roll: φ240mm
Inside diameter of label roll: φ76mm 7
Max Labeling speed:25 m/min
Accuracy of labeling:±1mm
Power: 220V 50Hz 145W
Air Pressure: 0.4-0.6 mpa
Machine Dimension: 680mm x 660mm x 620 mm
Machine Net Weihgt : 90 KG Gross weiht : 120KG

Tubes labeling samples


This labels applicator is suitable for soft tube labeling. The labeller machine is operated stably and reliably with high precision. It is one kind of semi-auto machine which fed tube by hand. The prime combination has precision, stability, safety, easy operation and flexibility.

Application of Semi-auto Labeling Machine for Soft Tube Labeling Machine:

1. Suitable for Soft Tube such as maquillage, facial cleanser, medicine, etc
2.Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry etc, which can highly improve productivity and product quality.

Function of tube labeling machine

  • 1.Sudden stop:Power to control the machine
  • 2.Cylinder:Push the product near the labelling station, after finishing labeling return the product;
  • 3.Labeling accuracy adjusting:Adjust the angle between product and labels to ensure the labelling accuracy;
  • 4.labeling head:Core part for labeling machine to label product
  • 5.HMI: Parameters setting
  • 6.Electric Box:Electric-pneumatic controlling center
  • 7.Labels covering system: cover and pressure the labels on the products;

  • 1.Labels plate: Holding the rolls of labels;
  • 2.Brake:Fix the labels to ensure the tension
  • 3.Roller:Winding the labels to ensure the tension
  • 4 Labels pressure:Pressing the labels to ensure the tension of labels;
  • 5.Eye Sensor:Move the sensor back and forward;
  • 6.Traction Structure:Drawing the labels bottom paper and provide labels-peeling power 。
  • 7.labels-peeling plate:To peel the labels
  • 8 Labels-pressing structure:Pressuring labels
  • 9.Recycling system: To recycle the bottom paper;
  • 10.Vertically adjusting:Adjusting the height of labeling head

►Suitable for labeling Soft Tube object in different sizes.
►Composed by main body, sending paper, receiving paper, bottle orientation etc parts.
►Putting the Soft Tube to the holder by manual and fix the bottle; pressing the off-on switch;
►Small size labeling machine, easy to operate

How to wind the labels

FAQ for Labeling machine:

1.Bottom paper broken

There is the close connection between bottom paper broken and labels quality;

Firstly: check if there be the damage on the bottom paper like the scratch; In case there is the cut or scratch in the bottom paper change the high quality one ; Advised to choose the Glassine paper also ask for sticker labels supplier to control the die-cutting depth which cannot hurt the bottom paper ;

Secondly: Check if there is the scratch during the labels winding;

Thirdly: The labels sticking together is opt to break down the labels; If so Control the length of labels walking in order to seperate the label one from each other ;

2.Labelling accuracy more than 2mm

There are several factors which can result in the labeling error such as Labels deviation/unparallel between labels rolls and product delivery direction/traction wheels slippery/labels-covering wheel not aligned with labels etc ;

At first check out the causes then find the solution;

If the labels deviates then loose the traction system,Pull back and fro the labels to straighten the labels; Fix the circles which guide the labels in a straight way;

If there is no parellel between labels direction and delivery direction of product,Adjust the tilting angle of labeling head to parallize the labels and products direction;

If there is the traction wheels slippery ,it is caused by attrition of traction wheels as well as loose of locking screws; Just solve the problem by fixing the locking screws;

Products quality ;The error in the edge of bottles will cause the labelling error; To solve it is just to control the product quality ;

3.labelling in non-stop

The labelling process in non stop or an uncomplete way is concerned with the optical eye; Only adjust the sensitivity of eye sensor to solve the problem;

The other possible reason is the deviation of labels so that the eye sensor cannot detect the labels; Adjust the detection position of eye sensor to solve the problem;

Machine in wooden case for Air shipping