Packaging machine with lifting turning hopper&pushing door

Basic parameter of packaging machinery

Max. Film width 180-520mm
Bag length 80-400mm
Bag width 80-260mm
Packaging cubage 1000ml
Packaging speed 5-40bags/min
Packing thickness 0.04-0.08mm
Power supply specification 220V,3kw
Dimension (L)14520 x(W)1000x(H)1650mm
Total weight of machine 450kg


Drawing of packaging machine with lifting turning hopper&pushing door for volumetric cups measuring system:

Whole pictures for packaging machine VFFS

Basic description on packaging equipment

Applications: puffed food, shrimp, peanut, popcorn, oatmeal, melon seeds, jelly sugar, salt and other granular.
Optional devices: Electronic weighing system, semi automatic feeding device, spiral type powder measruring device and cup measuring device

Features of packaging equipment:

1. Side film pulling belt, left and right positon correction by power adjusting film carrier, which keeps even film conveyance and bag forming.
2. Simple structure, easy to understand.
3.Two independent sealing cylinders, excellent airtight, transparent sealing.
4. Applied with PLC, color touch screen, high automation, simple operation, simple operation and mainternance. The machine runs smoothly with low noise.
5. Load the film later to make it easy and convenient.

Configuration of packing machine puffed food with Gas flushing:

Sequence NO.Accessory Namecountry of originbrand
1touch screenTaiwanWEINVIEW


3Servo motor including driveJapanPanasonic
4Color standard sensor

Electronic eye


5Temperature control meterChinaXIAMEN  YATAI
6Horizontal sealing cylinder               TaiWan               AirTac
7Vertical sealing with guide bar
8Cutter thin cylinder
9Push film cylinder
10Two couplet
11Value with gauge
12Electromagnetic valve with disc
13Inflatable solenoid valves
14printerChinaXIAMEN TANE
15Solid state relaysTaiwanYANGJI
16Among the relayJapanIDEC
17Switching power supplyTaiwanYANGJI
18Stop switchJapan IDEC

Parts of machinery one by one :

Wooden case packing for granules volumetric cups packing machine