Metal cans canning machine automatic rotary jars pop can capping sealing equipment

Basic parameter of Metal cans sealing machine tin pop aluminum container automatic sealer equipment

Sealing head:1 pcs speed:30pcs/min
Sealing height:40-200mm Sealing Diameter:30-320mm
Voltage:220V/380V 50/60Hz Power:1.1KW
Weight:around 500KG
Size: 3000(L)  * 900(W) * 1800(H)mm (including 2000mm conveyer belt)


Metal cans sealing machine tin pop aluminum container automatic sealer equipment designed and manufactured by our engineer team in cosmetic & food & pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry.
We as a famous manufacturer moreover can design and produce the packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers.

Production description on cans sealing machines with touch screen controlling PLCsystem

Cans sealing machine without Chamber protective

cans sealing machine with protective chamber

Basic characteristics of cans canning machine automatic

  • 1. There is the joint-controlling system: No cans without caps falling .only if the cans enter into the plates the caps fall from the caps feeding system
  • 2. the Operation panel can be either PLC touch screen or Button controlling is easy to dissamble and be maintained.
  • 3. The Productivity is high due to the automated line ,which often gets chosen in the cans production line .
  • 4. The sealign wheels are made up of SS304 with the performance of wear-resistance/hardness/stainlessness. The sealing effect is perfect .

Features of cans sealing machine automatic:

1.unmanned operation for automatic caps falling and sealing. it can save a lot cost in labor force,thus the machine has a large potential in marketting ;
2.There is no rotation of cans during cans sealing process which can protect the cans and products.this is the main feature and advantage compared with the peer sealing machine;
3.The capacity is up to 50pcs per min ,twice the speed of semi automatic cans sealing machine.
4.The sealing machine can be applicated into the sealing of various round cans like tin cans ,aluminum containers,paper cans. the operation is easy to do and learn,therefore the machine is the ideal equipments in the filed like food packaging/beverage/pharmacy .

Final product for cans sealing effect :

Cans filling machine + canning machine + cans labeling line for granules pop corn in containers

Cans sealing machine automatic lined with automatic round cans labeling machine

Cans labeling samples after sealing labeling

Wooden case packaging before shipping for automatic sealing machine