Lotion cosmetic cream tubes dual filling head ultrasonic sealing machine

Basic parameter of fully automatic tubes feeding anti-dropping filling system:

Sealing Dia5-50mm
Output power2.8kW
VoltageAC220V/single phase  50/60HZ
Machine weight390kgs
After packaging420kgs
Machine size1200*1540*1700mm
Filling RangeA:6-60ml, B:10-120ml,C:25-250ml,D:250-500ml (Customer made available)
Control StylePLC control
Time adjustelectronic adjust
PackagingPlywooden case packaging


Automatic Filling Machines with Two Filling Nozzles Plastic Tube Filling Machines is suitable for filling tubes made of plastic &laminated PP materials;

Machine working process:

Auto Tube Loading → Auto Tube Orientation → Auto Filling → Auto Sealing → Auto Date printing → Auto trimming → Auto Tube Ejecting ;

Automatic Filling Machines Plastic Tube Filling Machines Features:

1. Easy to operate and maintain.
2. Automatic positioning, filling, welding, cutting and trimming, printing code in one time.
3. Stainless steel machine body, strong and beautiful looks,
4. Sealing mould can be customized according to customer requirements. Can seal many size of tubes.
6. Ultrasonic Sealing Machine power source for the pneumatic, working steady, not easy to damage, customers can rest assured use.
7. Ultrasonic frequency can meet international standard, no harmful to human being or environment
8. Can be work in time, not need wait the heat time .

Details of automatic tubes filling machine

The filling system is for multipurpose in filling materials from lower viscosity like water to higher viscosity like honey

The filling nozzle functions as anti-dripping; All the filling nozzles adapters include brass core &stainless steel spring and NBR O-ring&Ball

Ultrasonic activated sensor for detecting the tubes before ultrasound cutting&sealing:

Ultrasonic sealing Mold

PLC controlling panel is easy to operate with power switch,emergency stop button and Siren; The sudden stop for emergency use;

The disc consists of 10pcs of tubes holders which is specially designed with rubber ring and PP mold; Different diameter of tubes requires different set of tube holders;

Tube feeding system delivers the tubes in automatic way ;

Configuration&Spare parts list of automatic filling ultrasonic sealing machine

Components for model YX-AUF400
Ultrasonic TransducerAmriaChina
Main MotorGear HeadTaiwan
Inductive SwitchAirTacTaiwan

Spare parts

1 Ultrasonic Power board

2 eletric eyes

3 Ultrasonic transducer

4 electromagnetic valve

5 upper mould

6 down mould

7 Tube holder

8 Motor/segregator

9 Relay

10 Cylinder ACQ50*20-S-B

11 Cylinder MA20*100-S-CA

12 Cylinder MA20*101-S-CA

After-sales service for ultrasonic tubes filling sealing machine:

Wooden case packaging for ultrasonic tubes sealing machine +horizontal filling equipment