Labels rewinding machine, semi automatic film roll counter roll-to-roll rewinder equipment

Parameter of Labels rewinding machine

Maximum label outer diameter :φ 300mm
Label roll core :φ 76mm/φ 152m/φ 300MM
Maximum label width:150m/200MM/300MM
Linear velocity range :20~40min/pcs
Voltage&Power:220V 50~60Hz 1500W
Weight :75 KG; Package weight: 95KG
Dimension :650*550*550mm(L*W*H)


This label rewinding machine is produced manufactured by PENGLAI INDUSTRIAL CORP,Our company has own factory and specialized in packing machine and filling ,labeling,paging machine.With the advantages of rich experience, advanced technology,reliable quality and perfect service, so it has a good reputation in this industry.The label rewinding machine an ideal industrial label automatic return device.

It is mainly used in various operations such as printing ,post-cutting label semi-finished product or finished product,counting,cutting,inspection,splicing and other functions.

1.install label belt

First the label volume of the rewinding will be installed on the label tray, adjust the label limit to the best position, and lock it. Through the right of the scroll through the right shot, the rolling shaft of the loading disc goes through the back of the disc to the collecting tray, and then the paper roll is attached. Limit the bottom of the label with a limit set. The machine is in standby mode。

2.wind label schematic

3.Start power switch

4.amplifier, fiber optic adjustment:set the parameters of amplifier and adjust the position of fiber optic. label:start the running switch to adjust the speed to make the label run the positive label. The label guide is limited to the limit circle to prevent the deviation of the label

6.set up output:set the number or length of the rewinding label on the counter, and adjust the speed counterclockwise at the desired speed to achieve the desired speed and the counter accurately counts.

7.Counter tuning need to set the number of labels to adjust the number of tabs, the first digit in the left, and the number of keys to adjust the number, and so on. Set it up and count the copies

Caution when using the machine:

  • 1:Please read this page before operator use this machine。
  • 2:Please be assured that machine is in “close” status on power switch,then operate it according to instruction。
  • 3:This machine need to be cleaned with cloth out of running status,don’t clean with corrosive detergent。
  • 4:Don’t splash the liquid into the electric box,avoid corrosion or short circuit internal electrical components.
  • 5:Check the appearance of equipment whether it has deformation,damage and rust, the rotating axles should be flexible and free of lag.
  • 6:This machine is a single phase AC 220V power connection with a 3-wire flat plug, should be connected to a ground wire 3 plug socket。
  •    Don’t connect to 380V power,or burning machine。
  • 7:The transmission speed range is 0~1000r/m.