L type sealer machine with view window shrinking tunnel

Machine size(L*W*J) 2250*1500*1350mm
Maximum package size L+H ≤700MM
Maximum package size W+H ≤620MM
Largest size to seal L*W 750*650mm
Packing Speed 20-35pcs per min
Weight 880kg
Power 3.5kw
Power Supply 220V/Single phase/50HZ
Air Source 6-8KG/M2
Applicable materials for shrinking POF/PE/PVC film


This L type sealer machine with view window shrinking tunnel is widely used in foodstuff, drinks, printing, pharmaceutical, floor, hardware and other industries shrink packaging. It is suitable to use POF, PE, PVC and other packaging material for processing sealing shrinking;

Appliance Scope

Suitable for all kinds of CD, DVD, cosmetics, electronic products, printing, box, greeting cards, photo albums, picture frames, books, boxes, and other products a single package or a combination of packaging, suitable for mass production.

Advantage of Sealing shrinking machine

1. automatic wrapping and cutting

1) Aluminum alloy sealing knife characteristics of High temperature and resistant glue constant temperature ,
2) automatic wrap film on your goods and automatic conveyor , the conveyor time can be adjust.
3) the length of shrink goods is no limit, the shrink width can be adjust.
4) the film roll has double film

2. automatic shrink part

1) Circulation within the system design
2) stainless steel heating tubes
3) mesh conveyor
4) shrink speed can be adjust

Feature of Sealing+shrinking packing machine:

Automatic L-type sealing machine:

1. The sealing knife adopts copper alloy sprayed with teflon, it won't stick film, sealing fastness, without smoke, non-pollution. Horizontal and vertical sealing knife adopt whole connecting without gap, the film
won't break. Sealing frame adopts high quality alloy steel, the sealing quality is stable, frame difficult to be damaged.
2. The automatic sealing and shrink wrapping machine has entire automatical system, it equiped with sensors can reach high speed automatical working.
3. It is convenient to adjust according to different sizes products, just adjust the handle wheel can reach it, operation is easy.
4. it has protection function to avoid sealing product wrong and ensure the safety of operator

shrinking machine

1. the shrinking machine adopts Schneider AC contactor, high-power Solid state booster and intelligent temperature controller to make temperature system more accurate, prolong the working life.
2. the shrinking machine adopts solid roller conveyor, the rollers wrapped with high temperature silica gel tube. It can stand heavy product and difficult abraded (you can choose net type conveyor)
3. It adopts high-power fan motor to ensure enough strong wind to reach perfect packing effect.
4. Inside wall adopts stainless steel, it has fast temperature transfer, even heating, low energy consumption, long working life

Technical data of L type sealing machine :

Machine size(L*W*J)1520*1180*1170mm1850*1350*1300mm2015*1470*1300mm2250*1500*1350mm2430*1550*1350mm
Maximum package size L+H≤400≤500≤600≤700≤800
Maximum package size W+H≤300≤400≤520≤620≤720
Largest size to seal L*W450*350mm550*450mm650*550mm750*650mm850*750mm
Packing Speed20-35pcs per min20-35pcs per min20-35pcs per min20-35pcs per min20-35pcs per min
Power Supply220V/Single phase/50HZ220V/Single phase/50HZ220V/Single phase/50HZ220V/Single phase/50HZ220V/Single phase/50HZ
Air Source6-8KG/M26-8KG/M26-8KG/M26-8KG/M26-8KG/M2
Applicable materials for shrinkingPOF/PE/PVC filmPOF/PE/PVC filmPOF/PE/PVC filmPOF/PE/PVC filmPOF/PE/PVC film

Shrinking tunnel with view window

ModelYX-4020 YX-4035YX-4525
Shrink stove size800×400×200mm800×400×350mm800×450×250mm
Carrying capacity5 kg5 kg10 kg
Conveyor speed 0-10m/min 0-10m/min 0-10m/min
Machine weight150kg170kg190kg
Outer dimension1200×630×750mm1200×600×900mm1200×750×1150mm

PE film Sealing+shrinking Machine details

OMRON digital temperature controller has a special function as PID adjustment, ensuring the exact and accurate temperature of sealing blade.

Automatic film feeding device, film guide system with manual adjustment, and adjustable feed conveyor are suitable for products of different width and height. Its adhesion function is especially designed for the packaging of small products.

"Omron” temperature controller ensure sealing temperature error and “Omron” delay control sealing time accurate; The temperature of its shrink furnace is usually between 120-150℃.

“Omron” programmable logic controller (PLC),

International advanced perforating device design ensure stable working

“Airtach” air filter to ensure enough air source for machine

Large waste film collect device can make machine continuous working in long time

Optional device: conveyor connecting function can work with very small product

Configuration of L sealing shrink packaging machine

SeriesName                                 BrandNumber
1Conveyor motorCPG(TAIWAN)1
2Blowing motorDOLIN(TAIWAN)1
4Blowing inverterOMRON(JAPAN)1
8Intermediate RelayOMRON(JAPAN)6
9Solid State relayMAGER(CHINA)1
10                Power SwitchSIEMENS(CHINA)1
11Sudden stopMOELLER(GERMANY)1
13Delivering Silicone tube IMPORTED FROM TAIWAN162
14Window glasshigh-temperature resistance explosion-proof glass3

Packaging film &shrinking samples