Ice lolly sachet packing machine multi lanes liquid bagging packaging equipment

Specification of ice lolly packing machine

The maximum width of packing film: 1080mm(diameter)
Thickness of film: 0.04-0.10mm
Bag making mode: four sides seal
Range of measuring: 5-300ml
Air consumption: 200L/min; 0.7Mpa
Power/voltage: 2.7 KW/220V, 50 Hz
Dimension (LxWXH):125cm×190cm×250cm
Weight: 480kg
Body: Stainless steel for material contact part and machine body
Printing(Optional parts)
Printing Area: Single line 4×35,15 characters
Double lines 10×35,30 characters
Speed: 120 times/min. max


An ice pop is a liquid-based frozen snack on a stick.Unlike ice cream or sorbet, which are whipped while freezing to prevent ice crystal formation, an ice pop is "quiescently" frozen—frozen while at rest—and becomes a solid block of ice.[2] The stick is used as a handle to hold it. Without a stick, the frozen product would be a freezie.

The ice lolly sachet packing machine is jut the machine that can pack the liquid into the plastic bags then the finished products can be storaged in the refrigerator.

The Features of ice lolly sachet packing machine:

PLC Controlled, equipped with piston pump filling system. Applicable for the liquid package.

Standard Features:

Mechanical stransmission system &pneumatic diagram

► It integrates metering, bag-making, packaging, sealing, printing and counting.
► Standard positioning with servo film transporting system; stable for transporting film with two synchronous belts;
►High automation with auto correction function.
►Reasonable structure, convenient adjusting operation and maintenance.
► It is equipped with advanced level switch and static eliminator

Printing(Optional parts)

Printing Area: Single line 4×35,15 characters
Double lines 10×35,30 characters
Speed: 120 times/min. max

1 8-10solid wrench 1pc
2 10-12 solid wrench 1 pc
3 12-14 solid wrench 1 pc
4 14-17 solid wrench 1 pc
5 17-19 solid wrench 1 pc
6 22-24solich wrench 1pc
7. + - screw cutter 1 pc for each
8 M5 inner hexagon spanner 1 pc
9 M6 inner hexagon spanner 1pc
10 M8 inner hexagon spanner 1 pc
11. M10 inner hexagon spanner 1 pc
12 Scissors 1 pc
13 Thermocouple 2pcs
14 Heating rode (vertical sealer) 4 pcs
15 Heating plate (Horizontal sealer) 4 pcs
16 Fuse(2A)(5A)(10A) 6 pcs each
17 Copper brush 2pcs
18 Printer character grain 1 boxes
19 Solid state relay 4pcs
20. Cold-pressed Terminal 5cps

Machine components

Touch screen SIEMENS (Germany)
Frequency converter SIEMENS (Germany)
Temperature controller OMRON (Japan)
Proximity switch OMRON(Japan)
Relay OMRON(Japan)
Power switch SCHNEIDER (French)
Pneumatic component Air Tec(Taiwan)
Server Pull Motor TAMAGAWA (Japan)
Gear NTN (Japan) and IBC(Germany)
Material contact part 304 S/S and the bodyshell-304 stainless steel.

Materials used for forming the bags:

Frozen plastic laminated package sachet bag for ice cream packaging
Products Description  Product name
Ice popsicle packaging bags
Material structure Customizable
Color Customizable
Environmental Protective, Excellent barrier property, Eye-catching Printing, asptic, nontoxic, moisture proof, re-close and easy
to open, leak proof, strong bag sealing strength.
Snack,milk powder,beverage powder,nuts,dried food,dried fruit, seeds, coffee, sugar, spice, bread, tea, herbal, wheat, cereals,
tobacco, washing powder, salt, flours, pet food, candy, rice, confectionary etc.
Accessory: Tear notch, Matt or glossy printing surface, zipper or spout

Finished products ice lolly sachets

Terms and Conditions :

1.Price often based on FOB(SHENZHEN or SHANGHAI Port)
2.Payment Terms: 50% payment as a deposit should be paid by T/T to our company account; the balance 50% payment should be paid by T/T before shipment.
3. Packing: standard export case.
4. Guarantee: 12 months from the installation.
5. Shipment: within 45 working days after receiving the down payment and sample.
6. Installation: the seller is responsible to send technician(s) to install and test the machines and teach the employees of the customer how to use the machine for the buyer, but the round trip air-tickets, accommodation, food and 150 USD/day salaries for each technician will be on the buyer’s account.

After-Sales Service Commitment:

Our company provides technical support for life. After-sales service isn't restricted by time and we will assign technical personnel to solve your problems immediately after receiving telephone and hear feedback idea of users and deal with them in time. If you are caught in some problems when using our products, welcome to contact us at any time.
The supply of spare parts
Adequate year round supply of spare parts, ready to quickly handle telephone mail order business, repair parts can be on-site service plan, customers save time and costs.