High speed wet glue paste labeller equipment, Continuous labeling machine

Basic parameters of labeling machine high speed cans labeller

labeling speed80-400cans per minute
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Label size (Length*Width)117-520mm *50-254mm
Bottle diameter40-150mm
Air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
Power supply380V 2.62kw 50HZ
Machine size2215*840*1600mm
Net Weight900KG
Gross weight980kg


Wet-glue (WG) still dominates in the food and beverage world, a pre-eminence founded on its traditional edge in terms of quality and – for longer print runs – lower cost. But self-adhesive (SA) labelling is catching up and the decision is becoming a more difficult one. Seeking a clearer answer to the “wet-glue vs self-adhesive” conundrum, Packaging Scotland asked some labelling experts for advice.
When self-adhesive labels first appeared around 30 years ago it was in a very simple form, with things like single-colour price code labels and bar code labels, according to Ian Johnstone, managing director of Glasgow-based Gavin Watson Printers. Now SA has advanced to the point where it is the labelling approach of choice for many top-tier whiskey brands like Glenlivet. With the more sophisticated combination presses now available, albeit at a price, SA is capable of very high quality graphics and embellishments.
In terms of quality, “there’s no difference these days”, says Robert Shimmin of 4 impression, a provider of training on a wide range of print and packaging subjects. “Wet glue labels are printed litho. Self adhesive labels can now be printed in litho – plus they can use all the other print processes as well”.
SA labels are laminates made from a paper or non-paper face stock, adhesive and a paper or filmic siliconised release liner. Printing is done on the face stock and then die-cut to a shape before the waste matrix is removed. Supplied in reels, the release coating permits easy removal of the label from the protective backing liner.

Above all different requriements and industries require the special way to pack the containers with the WG or SA label.

High speed horizontal type metal tins wet glue labeling machine basic description:

The wet glue labeling machine is suitable for labeling canned. Canned rolled into the machine, by the pressure on the tin from belt drives the rolling, when canned pass through the hot melt station then it can be coated with hot melt adhesive. Next, the canned move forward with glue stick rub on the label and stick it to canned while rolling. At the same time, in the end of the glue mechanism will also glue the end part of label. Canned continue passing through the labeling part with labels attached to the tin.
The labeling machine will keep working and labeling with stopping. The sensor will be function as to label only if there is tin canned to be label and stop when there is no canned. The labeling speed can also be adjusted from low to high and vice versa. The labeling machine replacement tank is simple and have the replacement part.

Tin can & label dimension:
1. Can size: Height - 172mm, Diameter -153mm. -Label size: 163 x 510mm
2. Can size: Height - 85mm , Diameter - 82mm. - Label size: 76 x 275mm
3. Can size: Height - 95mm , Diameter - 73mm -Label size: 86 x 254mm
4. Can size: Height - 84mm , Diameter - 73mm -Label size: 76 x 245mm

1. Sensor - Omron/panasonic
2. Relay - Panasonic
3. Contactor - Chint
4. Power - Taiwan Ming Wei
5. Button-Hangzhou Sanli
6. Frequency converter-inovance
7. Motor reducer - XINFULONG
8. Pneumatic parts - Taiwan AirTAC

Cans labeling samples:

Terms and Conditions :

1.Price often based on FOB(SHENZHEN or SHANGHAI Port)
2.Payment Terms: 50% payment as a deposit should be paid by T/T to our company account; the balance 50% payment should be paid by T/T before shipment.
3. Packing: standard export case.
4. Guarantee: 12 months from the installation.
5. Shipment: within 45 working days after receiving the down payment and sample.
6. Installation: the seller is responsible to send technician(s) to install and test the machines and teach the employees of the customer how to use the machine for the buyer, but the round trip air-tickets, accommodation, food and 150 USD/day salaries for each technician will be on the buyer’s account.

After-Sales Service Commitment:

Our company provides technical support for life. After-sales service isn't restricted by time and we will assign technical personnel to solve your problems immediately after receiving telephone and hear feedback idea of users and deal with them in time. If you are caught in some problems when using our products, welcome to contact us at any time.
The supply of spare parts
Adequate year round supply of spare parts, ready to quickly handle telephone mail order business, repair parts can be on-site service plan, customers save time and costs.