Granules powder small bags weighing racking packaging machine vertical bagging equipment economic type

Specifications of automatic tea granules packing machine:

Degree of automation:Full Automatic
used for tea bag60*70mm cusromize the with 60mm
the thickness:0.5mm-0.8mm
Bag-Making Width:finished product 8CM Coil on 16CM
Bag-Making Length:0-9CM(adjustable) customizable 12CM

*Note: The above parameters are for reference only. Constant upgrading of the machine parameters may lead to changes

Date coding thermal printer as optional function:



1.packaging categories: all kinds of tea, food, powder, granule, medicinal materials, etc.

2.Automatic weighing and packing

Fully automatic packaging series, tea bag packing machine, Automatic measurement of grain powder medicine packaging tea machine sealing machine

Automatic packaging effect, use white paint clear clean appearance of high-end, fit in factories, stores, outdoor, and so on. Install a mechanical shaker inside the packaging machinery can not stick when the powder. Can be connected to work with a variety of combinations of installed capacity. Speed ??of 3 seconds a pack or so. Use the back seal, seal up the bag more beautiful, cursor positioning, cut out the bag more accurate, high-quality products. In addition the combination of the two machines into fully automatic packaging machines, above that small units of installed units can also win other items of equipment weighing below that Taiwan also can be used alone, and this is the biggest advantage of the combination, it can be used as full-automatic, semi-automatic, can be used as. Suggested pro choice combination products, cost-effective, practical and convenient.

The tea packing machine is suitable :

The racking bagging machine can be upgraded into multi heads one which has several racking hopper so it can pack different materials in a certain proportion into one bags. Machine pictures&bags samples given as below:

All kinds of plastic color printing bags, aluminum foil bags, roll bags need to be made. 1 -25g quantitative, can be converted 1-50g type, the bag is expanded fixed width 16cm, finished together is 8cm, length 0-9.9cm adjustable. Length can be customized 0-12cm. Variety of granules, powders, herbs, food, tea, hardware, electronics, fully automated packaging. Get buy this machine, wooden set, domestic shipping.

The tea packing machine configuration:

manual, power cable, data cable dispensing machines, heating wire, infrared sensor switch, wiggler, wrenches, mechanical protection bags, cursor positioning, mechanical protection foam cartons. The default configuration of a set of common mechanical dispensing machines, Year warranty and lifetime maintenance.

Wooden case packing for granules tealeaf packing machine automatic single layer bags: