Fully automatic hardware fasteners counting filling bagging equipment

Technical parameter of hardware packing machine:

Packaging materials: OPP/CPP,OPP/PE,CPP/PE etc heat sealing PP materials;
280 mm(L)(Max,two times bag-pulling)
70-220 mm (Different size of bag requires extra bag former)
Film width: 420 mm(Max Width)
Speed: 3-30bags per min(up to product quantity film type etc)
Counting way: bowls feeding¶meter adjustment
Sealing way: pillow type&3-sided sealing
Sealing pattern: Straight type&mesh type
Sealing Width: 10 mm
Bag forming: Trunk forming pneuamtic sealing&cutting
Cutting way: Knurling Knife
Bag length controlling: HMI setting&tracking mark by optical sensor
Air outlet: Needle type or Sponge type air outlet
Bags in packs series: Yes or No setting in Touch screen
Air compressor: 0.4-0.8Mpa(Air compressor needed in customer's location)
Power Supply: 220V 50Hz(American standard customized)
Power consumption: 2.0 Kw Ampere: 5.7A
Dimension&Weight: 11349mm*1664mm*1750mm; 1300KG


This Fasteners Packing Machine is applicable to screw,nut,washer and other regular shape items,adopting spacing counting and fiber optics re-inspection, fiber optics counting , weighting combined with fiber optics counting.Solid sealing, smooth and elegant bag shape, high efficiency and durability are preferred elements.

Packaging is necessary to protect products, and is now done mainly through the use of packaging machinery. Machinery plays increasingly important roles such as:

►Improve labor productivity. Sliding blister sealing machine packaging machinery is much faster than manual packaging. One good example of this is the candy packing machine. Here, hundreds to thousands of candies can be wrapped in minutes.
►Ensure packaging quality. Mechanical packaging is particularly important for exported goods to achieve consistent packaging.
►Handle specialized requirements, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, skin packaging and pressure filling.
►Reduce labor and improve working conditions for bulky/heavy products.
►Protect workers from health effects brought by dust, toxic/hazardous products and prevent environmental contamination.
►Reduce packaging costs and save storage costs for loose products, such as cotton, tobacco, silk, linen, etc., by simply using compression packaging.
►Reliably ensure product hygiene by eliminating hand contact with food and medicines.

Packaging machine Weighing series is our company R&D hardware packaging machinery, adopt PLC automatic control, automatic from feeding, weighing ,filling ,packaging ,sealing and counting.

This machine W is in the form of weighing, include two parts
A. weighing ,then by counting complementary to meet the exact weight .
B. Weighting then by weighting to meet the exact weight.

A type: weighing ,then by counting complementary to meet the exact weight: means machine first will weight such as 99% first, then the program will automatically calculate the remaining hardware number, so as to complement the exact rest weight, to achieve the high precision packaging weight.

B type: Weighting then by weighting to meet the exact weight: means machine first will weight such as 99% first, then the program will automatically weight from small materials one by one, until the weight in the allowed range, so as to achieve high precision packaging weight.

The hardware counting & packing machine customized for our USA client ,pack from 50pcs-1000pcs ( or more ) .

The machine have the multi-function of counting and packing automatic(if you want to pack within 100pcs ,better to choose this function ),and you could choose of weighting and packing automatic system( you pack more than 100pcs ,choose this function on the machine touch screen )

Application of hardware packing machine

It is suitable for packing various kinds Furniture accessories, furniture accessory ,furniture spare part, furniture screw, screws, screw parts, hardware parts, furniture hardware, screw fitting, nuts, nut, Fastener, Wire nails, nails, Hardware, hardware fittings, Bolts, expansion tubes, gaskets,Copper parts, pipe joints,pipe joints and fitting, copper pipe joints for furniture, metal pipe joints, plastic pipe joints ect. Furniture accessories, furniture accessory ,furniture spare part, furniture screw, screws, screw parts, hardware parts, furniture hardware, screw fitting,nuts,nut,Fastener, Wire nails,nails, Hardware, hardware fittings, Bolts, expansion tubes, gaskets, Copper parts, pipe joints,pipe joints and fitting, copper pipe joints for furniture,metal pipe joints,plastic pipe joints.

Basic feature of hardware packing machine

Machine can automatically weighting &counting quantity, then making bags, filling, sealing, cutting, printing the production date and expiry date and cutting easy tearing notch.
Machine with counting systems, vibration bowls & counting bowls could customized from 1 to 16 bowls.
Each Machine are Customized, Efficient, Flexible, Reliable, Low maintenance, Productive , Safe .Pneumatic system, reliable working, convenient maintenance.
Mitsubishi PLC control, bag length can be set and cut on one step, saving time and film High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing, numerical input of cutting sealing position for extra accuracy.
Temperature independent PID control, more suitable for packing different materials.
Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film
All control is realized through software, easy for function adjusting and technical upgrade.
Touch screen easy and quick setting and operation.

Optional functions:
Optional fittings:
1.Ribbon printer
2.Hole punch device
3.Bag linking device
4.Easy tear device
5.Labeling device

Optional parts for hardware packing machine:


Q: What parts do you machine can pack?
A: Screw,nut,washer, spring, bolt ,nail ,wooden peg, pipe fittings etc.

Q: Which industries do the machine use?
A: Furniture, Fasteners, Toy, Electrical, Stationery, Pipe,Vehicle etc.

Q: Do you accept customization?
A: Yes, we are completely processing equipment according to the customer requirements.

Q: Which type do you have about the packaging machine?
A: the main packaging machine including: Bagging, Box packing, Carton packing.

Machine integrated with carton packaging line:

Factory in stock machines hardware packaging&Final samples:

Initial operation for screw packing machines

(1) To confirm the correct connection
(2) To set the length of the packaging.
(3) The use of fixed-length package.
(4) To start, this time to observe whether the length of the packaging and set up, or check the installation of mechanical and electrical connections are correct.
(5) Adjust the speed, the speed is observe abnormal.
(6) By positioning stop to observe whether or not to stop at the specified location, or adjust the location of the stop.
(7) Be changed to electric eye packaging. To observe whether or not to cut to the location of the color can be adjusted through the location of the cutter, cut it in color S-on.

On the test run into the following points:

  • Ø Confirm connection
  • Ø To confirm whether or not the work of a variety of sensors.
  • Ø Confirm and monitor the communications between the controller.
  • Ø Input parameters.
  • Ø Constant confirmation machinery.
  • Ø To confirm whether there has been a warning / error, and so on.
  • Ø Set the length of the packaging.
  • Ø Start the equipment.
  • Ø If the normal operation, you do not need to carry out a variety of adjustments.
  • Ø Parameters of the data records and keeping the good.

►Trouble Shooting

Q:LCD screens do not show the normal value in the lower right corner shows the "communication error."

A:That the main LCD screen and non-communication controller, LCD screen should check with the host controller to connect communication lines between the normal connections, if the communication lines should be dropped to re-connect, or contact with the manufacturers.

Q:LCD screens do not show why?

A:Check the LCD screen is connected to power lines, should be dropped if re-connect.

Q:Why not pull bags on the completion of the Seal of the phenomenon?

A:This is due to a long bag and Seal caused by the speed of that increase the speed bag and Latin America.

Q:If the particle is, do not want to appear powder screen, how to deal with?

A:Because the controller is a full-featured type can be set up in the factory, the ban on powder-screen appearance.

Q:If you would like to welcome screen is not set up their own company's logo only in general show the welcome screen?

A:There are two welcome screen display, 1 - Company, 2 - Welcome.According to the manufactuyeys may need to "factory settings screen," two of the screen.

Q:Would like to switch between Chinese and English display?

A:Support for the display screen in two languages, 1 - Chinese, 2 - English. Manufacturers can be "factory settings screen" set up to choose Chinese or English.

Q:How to set passwords do not have to be able to enter the "factory settings screen"?

A:Access to "modify the password screen", the password is set to ♦♦♦♦ Will be able to enter the "factory settings" screen do not have a password.