Electric-driven vials crimping machine

Specification of crimping machine:

Caps size:6-33mm
Bottles size:5-500ML
Capacity:20-40bottles per min
Power supply:220v,50Hz,120w
Motor resolution speed:1400r/m
Packaging size:550*500*700mm
Net Weight:39kg
Gross weight:50kg


The Electric-driven vials crimping machine is the one equipment with three knives to seal the vials during rotation; Its sealing effect is better and the handle of knives mainly axis the springs,its main parts made of stainless steel. The electric motor adopts the protective cover to ensure the safety during

operation of the machine.The distance of the three knives can be slightly adjusted in order to seal different sizes of vials which saves the costs and energy when using the machine.The machine is rather common in the pharmaceutical industry like the lab use and medical research &development;

Working principle:

The vials crimping machine is designed in the principle as follow: Before crimping the machine the knives rotates while the bottles moving upward to contact the crimping head keeps still.The angle for each knives is 120 degrees contracts and rotates to cause some forces crimping the vials
tightly;The vials crimping machine can seal different heights of bottles by adjusting the crossarm height,thus different diameters of vials to be sealed can be performed only by changing the crimping head.
Application of vials sealing equipment:

The bottles crimping machine is applied for oral liquid bottles/Large infusion bottles / vials / spray bottles / Ampoule bottles / Syrup glass bottles with the metals caps / aluminum caps / iron caps / copper caps;

The caps applied as well can be combined with the rubber plugger/plain rubber plugger or concave rubber plugger.The machine is very popular in the lab use for doing researching in pharmaceutical industry for Anylizing the bottles before mass production.The machine for sealing is often chosed with our Vials filling machine to form the semi automatic fill-crimping line.

Before manufacturing the machine it is better to get the samples of vials (at least 5pcs) /Rubber pluggers(10pcs at least) as well as the caps(30pcs at least) because the crimping machine has the special requirement in the crimping head accuracy;

How to operate the vials crimping machine semi automatic :

Item of drawing in parts:

1.Base of crimper; 2.Lifting Support;

3.V-shaped block; 4.Handle;

5.Crimping head; 6.Three-knives;

7.Support Ring; 8.Cross-Arm

►StepA: put the vials on the support near the V-shaped part for fixing before crimping; Pull down the handle then the support will raise the vials up to the crimping head then the vial is pressed tightly;
►StepB:When the vial touches the crimping head closely,rotate the three-knives for several resultions to contract the metal caps;(Notice the motor must run clockwisely)
►StepC:Push upward the handle relocating the crimped vials to finish the whole sealing process; The subsequent vials can be sealed with the same way mentioned as the above steps;

How to adjust the crossarm for different height of bottles:

The crimping machine can crimp the bottles from 5ml to 500ml;Different diameter of vials requires the crimping head related; When sealing one size of vials put the vials on the support to be fixed by the V-shaped block;
One hand holds the cross bar while the other hand looses the nut on the left side of crossarm with the 17*19 type spanner to lift or lower the crossbar; Fix the nut when the distance between crimping head and caps is about 20mm. Finally screw tightly the support ring
with the hexagonal wrench(Note: During the process align the crimping head with the caps);

How to adjust the V-shaped Block:

Put the bottle nearthe V-shaped Block,loose the screw on each side of block then move ther bottles and V-shaped block together until the vial is alighed with the center of crimping head,then fix tight the screws; Test the vials for a try if the caps cannot be alighed with the crimping head then re-adjust the crossarm(Refer to the above-mentioned part for how to adjust the crossarm);

Reference valume for adjustment of crossarm &V-shaped Block

Caps type
Distance between lower surface locknut and upper surface of crimping head
Distance between crimping head lower surface and upper surface of support
Oral liquid vials
Adjusted accordingly
Adjusted accordingly
Ampoule bottlers
Large infusion bottles

FAQ on crimping machine:

1.caps cannot be sealed tightly?
► Lower the crimping head by rotating it in a anti-clockwise way then fix the locking nut ;
2.Overtight sealing effect?
►Loose the crimpng head;
3. the lowest edge of caps cannot be sealed tightly?
►Loose the knives and adjust the degree of eccentricity; If the degree is too low it may do damage to the bottles;
►Machine working ambient temperate is -5℃~40℃,Relative Humidity -5℃~40℃,constant temperature is the best choice;
Machine should be put on the place ventilated dry &clean;
► Never allowing Minors to operate or touch the machine lest accident occur;
► Before operating the machine check if the plug be connected with earth wiring;
►Before crimping the vials the three knives should be kept in balance;
►Clean the machine when not in use in order to elongate the working life;