Customized battery labeling machinery, automatic double lanes battery labeling machine

Basic parameter of battery labeling machine automatic labels applicator

cell sucking speed:15-20 S/tray
Sticker applying speed:20-25 S/tray
Machine Power:2.3KW,
Machine Current:1.5A,
Inpurt voltage:240V 50HZ ,
Air pressure:0.7MPA,
Labeling Accuracy:+/-1.0MM;
Machine Dimensions:1800*1170*1460MM


The machine is specially done for our Malaysian customer who sent us seveal cartons of battery in tray. They want us to build the fully automatic trays of battery labeling machine at fast speed (80-100pcs per min);
The whole machine adopts the pneumatic &robot systme ; the labels peeling process is driven by the vacuum pump; Double channal setting : one for tray-battery delivery the other for labeling process . At the end of output there is the hopper which can hold the labelled trays which can be levelled due to the fall of final products;
The whole process is designed and programmed in a high technology so that it is sure to be the ideal labeling machine in the electronic-processing industry like mobile assembly etc ;

Precautions before start-up.

1. The machine needs to adopt single-phase 220V AC. Check if the wiring is correct before turning on the engine.
2. Check if the air source is normal or not.
3. Check if there is any foreign materials on the machine and tooling. If yes, please clear it timely.
4. Check if the water intake of magnetic pump is completely put into water.
5. Before it is started automatically, please check the filling system points rightly at the bottleneck and the
plug can be pressed or not.

Drawing of labeling machinery in details:

Configuration of customized battery labeling machinery

2Magnetic ContactorSchneider
4MotorJSCC made in Germany
8Switching Mode Power SupplyNWELL
9Servo motorSNAYO made in japan

Operation process:

Start up pictures

Click the window on the screen and enter into the next page.

Detection Operation:

(1) Yield

Production determination means the actual needed quantity of products. If the set production equals to the current production, the equipment will stop automatically.

(2) Monitor

(3) alarming bar

Display the current condition of equipment and the alarming of the equipment.

(4) Automatic/manual

Automatic/manual, Choose buttons, Choose based on the current operation

Automatic starting. When the automatic one is chosen between automatic/manual and press the button, the equipment will get into the automatic operating condition.

Automatic stop. When the equipment is automatically operating, press this button and the equipment will stop after finishing works at every work station in case of no alarming.

Main operation:

Manual operation refers to make every operation of the equipment separated respectively for tuning and testing.

(1) Automatic/manual

When entering into manual page, firstly see if the automatic/manual button is chosen to be manual condition.

(2) Bottle conveyer belt

Click the button and the conveyer belt will continue operating, click the  button again, it will stop.

(3) Rotary table for separating bottles

Refers to the little rotary table connecting the main machine. Its function is to take bottles to the conveyer belt of labelling machine. Meanwhile it also have the function of
separating bottles. The speed of little rotary table cannot be too fast and needs to be adjusted based on labelling time.

(4) Labelling electric machine

means the driving motor power taking bottles rotating

(5) Position cylinder

means the cylinder to position bottles. Bottles are on the conveyer belt, so we need to position and label them.

(6) Labelling motor power

Label stripping. Click once, it will strip one label

Parameter setting

(1) Labelling speed: set the speed of labelling machine. The labelling speed shall match that of volume labelling.
(2) Positioning and time-delaying: count time from material inspection switch inspecting materials to positioning the motions of cylinder. If any deviation of positioning bottles by the cylinder, we can adjust it as the time.
(3) Time-delayed labelling: when bottle positioning is finished, it will be labelled in a delayed time. The purpose is to stabilize the motor power and then label it.
(4) Volume labelling time: when the labelling is finished, maybe there are still some left labels to be pasted, so leave more time for rotary of bottles and volume labelling axle.

Cross labelling drawing

Structure of amplifier

Setting of eye sensor for labeling machine

Quick setup: See above Figure 1 and Figure 2

  • Step I: When the electric eye falls on the gap, the current value of red is 144
  • Step II: When the electric eye falls on the label, the current value of red is 4.
  • Step III: Adjust Setting Value 1/2 of the sum that the value of electric eye falling on the body paper(among the objects to be detected) pluses that falling on the label(on the object to be detected ). The Setting Value is (144+4) /2=74, adjust the Manual Button to set the value as about 74
  • Step IV: Make the interval position of the label move back and forth at the detection position of the electric eye, the signal lamp / indicator lamp is red at this time. If the magic eye can not be adjusted well or the setting of the value is wrong or detection stuffs are different, the electric eye should be adjusted correspondingly, otherwise the phenomenon of non labeling or continuous labeling will happen easily.

Speed adjustment instructions

Conveying speed: Open the first speed governor on the left of the electric box door (the governor of the transmission motor).
This speed affects the speed of product delivery, and also affects the production speed of the whole machine. The labeling speed and scrolling label speed and Separating bottle speed need cooperating with each other. Actual speed of delivery speed is usually half of actual speed of scrolling label speed, and it can be adjusted to be faster cooperating with other speeds.
Separating bottle speed: On the right of main electric box
This speed affects the intervals of product delivery, and also affects the production speed of the whole machine. As the certain interval is requested to keep labeling stable and reliable, during labeling, so speed difference of separating bottle speed and delivery speed is needed to widen the product interval. The faster the separating bottle speed, the smaller the product interval., and the slower the separating bottle speed, the larger the product interval, in the case of allowing, adjust the speed as fast as possible, the speed of production can be improved.

(1) Power and not bright: Check the power source and the fuse of the power outlet side, and the fuse is 16A/110VCheck whether the power button is pressed (off).

(2) Labeling motion is not normal Check whether the position of the label is normal, if normal, then check the motion mechanism to see if there is any foreign stuffs stuck in, and if the spring is abnormal, and if the location of the fence is normal.
Check whether the man-machine interface parameter setting is normal Check if the relevant electric eyes are abnormal;

(3) Conveyor belt does not run Check whether the conveyor belt speed is adjusted to be too slow, check
whether the operation of mechanical components are stuck, check the man-machine interface settings to see
whether not touching the automatic run in the screen of starting running.
Box starts automatic running of the labeling

(4) The label is sometimes the former sometimes after, the reason is that the label of the stripping plate is loose, the pressure of cutton axis cliping table on the table can be adjusted to be not too looser or tighter, or the degree of tightness of pulling spring’s tension of the brake. belt below the label tray can also be adjusted.

(5) Other problems of labeling and scrolling label: Please view the related note of the specification in detail.

If the fault cannot be processed, please contact the manufacturer for consultation because our plant will continue to perfect and improve plant the labeling machine of this specification, there will be
differences between instructions and the new machine configuration, may and are subject to change without notice. If there are any changes, please forgive us for not informing.