Caps assembly line, automatic cap assembly machine

Productivity capacit: 80-120 pcs/Min
Power:1.5 KW
Rated Voltage: 220V,Single Phase/50-60hz or 380-415V/50-60HZ/Three phasese
vacuum generator is 380V,3 phases
Compressed air: 0.5m³/hour 8kg pressure
Machine Size:1500mm×750mm×1500mm
G/N.W.: 900/720KG
Optional function: Door opening, machine stop feature
Protective cover wrapping the assembler during working
Rejection system for faulty products
warning Beep Light


Assembly machines are automatic mechatronic systems, used for assembling of two or more parts. The industrial processes are often fully automatic, or semi-automatic – a machine operator feeds the machine with parts.

1.what is the assembly machine
3.machine customized with actual samples caps
4.features of assembly machinne
5.parameters of assembly equipment automatic
6.configurations of assembly equipment
7.wooden case of machine for shipping
8.Tips to install and debug the assembler
9. maintenance &repair the machine
10.Machine caps assembly high speed demo in factory

Composition Component alignment, conveying, escapement system
The chaotic parts are automatically aligned according to the spatial orientation that is easily processed by the machine, and then smoothly delivered to the subsequent escapement to prepare for the subsequent robotic grabbing.
Grab-shift-placement mechanism
Grab the parts that have been positioned by the escapement or vacuum them, then move to another position (usually the assembly work position).

The assembler equipment is an ideal cap closing machine applicable for cap facories,packaging factories,food, products factories and daily chemical factories.
It is mainly for caps of the following types:flip-top caps,oil bottle caps,vinegar bottle,caps,cosmetic caps,etc.

Drawing of the toilet caps assembly equipment

Machine designed according to actual samples

Features of automatic assembly equipment

The cap closing machine is a kind of automation equipment developed for attached flip-top caps which are not closed after going through injection molding.The attached flip-top caps must be closed prior to being used by manufacturers.Manual cap closing
features low speed, low efficiency and unsatisfactory closing effect; as a result, the costs of manufactures increase.
Therefore, our company has independently developed the cap closing machine to fill the vacancy in this field in the market.

Control System Usually controlled by PLC.
The PLC receives input of various signals and issues instructions to the various actuators.
The machine is equipped with a variety of sensors and other signal collectors to monitor the operation of each actuator in the machine, and after the judgment, the next execution instruction is issued.
The man-machine interface is used to display the running status of the machine, the operation record, and to be used by the operator to issue instructions to the machine.
In recent years, with the development of economy, more and more enterprises have experienced labor disputes and poor management of front-line employees frequently, and more companies are choosing automated mechanical assembly.
Of course, depending on the industry, the application of automatic assembly machines is naturally different.

Basic parameters of automatic toilet caps assembly machine high speed assembler equipment:

Basic configuration of assembly equipment

Samples caps in large quantity needed for test run of assembly machine

Installing and Debugging of automatic assembly equipment

1. Unboxing and inspection
(1) After unboxing of the equipment, all the components of the equipment shall be examined to check whether they are intact or not and if there is damage or loss. If the above problem exists, please contact with our company timely.
(2) Carefully examine that whether the connection or the fixed block is loose or not in the process of long-distance transport and if some of them exist, the tightness is needed to be conducted.
2. Equipment installation
(1) The preparation and requirement before the installation
Installation area: consider the operation and maintenance of the equipment comprehensively and the height of the room is at least 2.6 m to keep hydrofuge port under normal working condition.
A. When the machine is installed, the distance between the rear end of the clicking production facilities and the wall shall not be less than 0.8 meter to keep the smooth passageway behind the machine for the operating personnel.
B. Foundation: the surface shall be solid and smooth. If the installation is conducted above the second floor, the user shall consider that whether the floor shall be reinforced or not according to the concrete condition.
C. Ventilation: For the purpose that keeping the normal operation of the equipment, the good environment and the fine ventilation environment in a better way.
(2) Power:
A three-phase power supply is required. the power is: 220±5V;
B. Power of the hoister is three-phase 220V;
(3)The machine have three parts, one set main machine and two sets vibrating disk.
If you received the machine. please arrange the machine as below pic before you testing.

When the equipment debugging is conducted, the debugging shall be conducted. by the professional technician or maintenance worker having the relative debugging experience and operating worker.
(1) The connection of the electrical equipment parts shall be examined in the process of debugging. Whether the socket drops or becomes loose and if the loose condition and drop is found, please tighten it timely; connect the power wire correctly. Carefully check that whether the used power accords with the power needed by this equipment and whether the power voltage is within the maintaining voltage of 380±5V.
(2) Examine whether the fasteners of the machine are fast or not and the loose ones must be tightened.
(3) The speed of all the motors of this machine can be adjusted infinitely and the speed can be adjusted according to the production need.
(4) First at all, please press the power button on the control panel and open the power of hoister. then press the start button of vibrating disk. The machine could be work.

Maintenance and Repair

1. The rotatable parts are composed of indexing cam, vacuum switch cam, reduction gearbox and chain wheel. The operation parts and the sliding part are often added the oil to keep lubrication.
2. If the machine halt is caused by the operation fault, examine whether the component is shifting or damaged; if the shifting exist, the new adjustment is needed; if there is damage, the timely exchange and maintenance is needed and keep the machine clean.

Failure and Tips
1. The equipment does not work. Please firstly check whether the power is normal or not.
2. If the breakdown don’t move, please check the lead rail which connect machine and vibrating disk , when the lead rail without caps, it will alarm and stop.
3. If the breakdown don’t move after the two situation above, please check if the caps is sticked, please take it out then will working.

Operation notice
1. In the daily maintenance of this machine, the engine oil adding to the machine is often needed. If the engine oil is not enough in the gear case, the timely addition is needed. The main transmission component- indexing cam is needed to add the lubricating oil.
2. Before using, check whether the power voltage accords with the requirement of this machine 220V±5V. If the voltage output is not stable and the fluctuation is too much, the normal operation of the equipment will be influenced. Ensure the input voltage accords with the voltage of the machine requirement.
3. Warning: in the process of the clearance and maintenance of the equipment, it is forbidden to wipe the line main board, power interface and magic eye of the sensor of the equipment with the oil, alcohol, banana oil and other liquids to avoid the unnecessary faults.
4. If the machine don’t work for long time, please make it with rust preventing oil. Before working, clean the rust preventing oil.