Automatic rotary screw capper machinery for wine bottles

Main parameters of wine bottle automatic capping machine

Capacity: 2800-3000bph
Voltage: 380V
Air compressor 0.4-0.6Mpa
Capping head: 2pcs
Appicable bottles: various shapes
Bottles height: 50-500mm(adjustable)
Bottles diameter: 15-40mm
Adjusting way: PLC touch screen
Weight 450kg
Dimension 2200×1500×1800mm


Double heads screw capping machine for glass wine bottles designed and manufactured by our engineer team in cosmetic & food & pharma making and packaging machinery is widely used in the daily chemical industry like the screw packaging process/rivet packing and such like. We as a famous manufacturer moreover can design and produce the packaging machine according to the special requirements from customers.

Auto Lid-screwing machine is our new developed products based on many inland craft brothers' working experience and our researches. It is suitable for all different size of PET lids with screw thread. It can compose with rinsing machine, filling machine to become into one production line. This machine has advantages on perfect performance, easy operation, safe work, tightened screw, well-organized, convenient maintenance and long-life use. This machine is ideal for beverage productions.

Parts coming in contact with the vial / aluminum cap / exposed to the atmosphere are made out of stainless steel, good housekeeping and good manufacturing practice.
Single motor synchronizes conveyor, star wheels and platform turret and speed can be varied by the % speed pot on operating panel.
A Special clutch device is incorporated on the in feed worm and Star wheel system for stoppage of machine in the event, vial is over turned or over diameter.
A photo sensing device stops machine automatically in the event, there is no aluminum cap in delivery chute.
Sealing Pressure can be varied to suit different gauges and sizes of ROPP caps.
Damage cap quantity can be reduced by adjusting the gap between upper and lower plate of orientation unit.
Imported Gear Motor for Main drive.
Imported Gear box for Orientation unit.
Imported A.C. Frequency drives for Main drive.
Digital Counter for counting number of sealed BOTTLE.
“No Seal in Chute, Machine Stops System”

Machine interlock
No bottle at in-feed Machine stop.
Bottle jamming at in-feed Machine stop.
Bottle jamming at out-feed Machine stop.
No Cap in chute Machine Stop
Door open Machine Stop (Possible with only with Glass Cabinet)

Schematic machine working:

Automatic Single Head ROPP Cap Sealing Machine is a compact model used for sealing of ROPP Cap on the bottle.
Previously filled bottles with Dry Syrup Powder or Liquid Syrup are continuously fed from filling machine to the flat conveyor belt of sealing machine and move further through in feed worm for correct spacing between two bottles and transferred to the in feed star wheel.
ROPP caps kept in orientation unit automatically orient caps in right direction before entering into delivery chute.
And Bottle is entering below the sealing head, consist of total four rollers. Two rollers properly Skirts, Spins and Seals the cap and simultaneously another two roller performs perfect threading according to bottle neck diameter.
After sealing operation, sealing head moves upward with help of cam and bottle move with exit star wheel and Move further on conveyor belt for next operation.

Optional Features available on demand:

  • Glass Safety cabinet
  • PLC & HMI Interface as an optional
  • Vacuum Cleaning System

Bottles&caps samples for Double headed screw R.O.P.P screw capping machine

Wooden case packing for automatic rotary capping machine