Automatic linear small snack boxes sealing machine hot melt glue box closing sealer equipment

Technical Parameter of automatic high speed boxes sealing machine hotmelt

Capacity57 boxes/min
Total power0.37KW+1.6KW
ElectricalAC220v 50HZ
Net weight250kg
Machine dimensionL2100* W910* H1300mm
Applicable box dimensionsL100-320mm W30-250 H20-120mm
Using materialhot melt glue


Automatic high speed hotmelt glue seal box sealer uses the most advanced coating technology, instead of other common one.It has perfect sealing effect, outstanding appearance and easy operation , the whole mechanical structure make the low failure rate.The whole part of the technical customization patent allowed protection. The box sealing machine is widely used in all models of paper boxes, such as tissue case boxes, soap box and foodstuff boxes, etc.

Application of automatic boxes hotmelt glue sealing machine:

Hot melt packaging became mainstream in the 1960's. Hot melt adhesive is the most common method in the packaging industry. It is generally used for carton closing, sealing and pallet stabilization.
During the 1960's hot melt became widespread in packaging & converting applications. The major benefit of using hot melt was the adhesion was greater than water based adhesives. Hot melt also was superior to water based adhesives because of it's shorter set time, water resistance, and allowed for packaging lines/space to be reduced. The next major advancement to adhesives in the packaging industry came in the 1980's with the development of PUR hot melts. PUR has stronger adhesion and ages better than the tradition hot melts.
Hot melt adhesives can bond small detailed cartons to heavy duty wraparound cases. It's perfect for bonding all types of packaging because the variety of formulas available make fitting every application need easy. Hot melt not only has a high heat resistance, but there are also formulas that can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees C and humid environments. Packaging comes in a wide array of materials, but even that does not effect the use of hot melt as it can firmly adhere to all types of paper, board and plastics along with various other substrates. Hot melt products are available in bulk making it cost effective.

Feature & Details of automatic high speed carton sealing machine hotmelt glue sealer

  • British technology, continuous three-shift work design;
  • All stainless steel frame and guard board, electromechanical interlock safety door;
  • 10mm thick plexiglass protective doors, variety of colors for choose;
  • Driven by single-phase power motor, stable performance. It’s equipped with the safe control system for product feeding,automatic stop function at faults;
  • The whoe compact structure is available to printed carton into inlaid and machine;
  • No replacement parts for different sizes of boxes;
  • Only five minutes to adjust different dimension applicable boxes;
  • Hot Melt temperature control system can be preset to control;
  • The frequency conversion control adjust the speed of the box.

Machine actual pictures in factory for hotmelt glue sealing equipment

Wooden case packing for sealing machine hotmelt glue in high speed fully automatic