Automatic continuous Stretch Vacuum Packing Machine


Vacuum packing machine applies to vacuum, gas added and tight packing for all kinds of plastic bags, aluminum foil bags,. It can supply vacuum package for meat products , pickle products, marine products, frozen products, cooked food, fresh vegetable, medical products, chemical products, metal products, electrical components, and so on.

Using Range:

Packing of meat, fruit, seafood, vegetable, medicine, metals, electric component and so on.

Control system: Mitsubishi PLC, GOT1275, GOT1155 (GOT1030) color touch screen, Mitsubishi servo. Electric equipments are imported from Japan, Taiwan and Europe. Taking with the safe protecting device.

Characteristics of fully automatic MAP Packaging equipment:


  • According to the user requirement of product packaging in vacuum, can charge N2, O2, CO2 mixed gas mixing ration can be adjusted by gas controller.
  • The machine adopts hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel material, improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment;
  • Using combined die, the replacement is convenient, the use of a machine, would with water cooling function;
  • The stable performance, long service life of imported pneumatic components;
  • Selection of extreme high vacuum, vacuum pump, excellent performance with original German vacuum pump;
  • Can be equipped with automatic coding system;
  • Imported special stainless steel clamping chain, suitable for all kinds of thickness of the film, the Dural stretch forming, special packaging;
  • The use of advanced punching system can cut out the different shapes of the box without thorns corners rounded curvature, replacing operation is convenient, with scrap recycling system, maintain environment hygiene.
  • Can choose square, round or other shaped carton. The carton size can be customized according to customer product mold.

Technical Table of automatic vacuum thermoforming MAP packing machine

Width of Upper Film393-394mm293-294mm
Width of Lower Film 422mm322mm
Compressed Air≥0.6MPa≥0.6MPa
Cooling Water≥0.15MPa≥0.15MPa
Power Source380V/50Hz380V/50Hz
Total Power128
Weight of Whole Machine2200KG1950KG
Overall Dimensions6000x950x1860mm4300x780x1760mm

Machine Main Components:

PLC controller/touch screenOmron PLC – Japan   Siemens—Germany
Servo motorPanasonic- Japan
Photoelectric tracking deviceSick- Germany
Pneumatic componentSMC- Japan
Electrical componentOmron- Japan
DrivePanasonic-- Japan
Vacuum pumpBUSCH – Germany,160 type
Material for body machineAluminum alloy, stainless steel
CuttingHorizontal cutting, cross cutting
ChainStainless steel

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