12-head juice filling machine with liquid heating and stirring function

Technic parameters of filling machine with SUS316 stainless steel contact parts

Power supply: 480V/60HZ/3 phase
Power consumption: 13KW
Filling nozzle 12 heads(adjustable due to different speed requirements)
Filling volume:1oz-16oz
Filling volume ±0.5%
Speed: 50-60pcs per minute(based on 8oz volume)
Applicable materials: juice honey sauce peanut butter etc
Weight: 780kg
Optional parts: liquid level sensor,pipes and transfer pump for refilling filler machine hopper


Our mixing heating filler machine is the type to fill the high viscosity materials which needs the heating and mixing function during the filling process. As for the reason why it needs the heating and mixing it is mainly due to the features of the materials that will get solid or condensate below some temperature point and difficult to flow.When the temperature is above the melting point the materials will flow smoothly.

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Machine customized with the bottles and filling materials given as below:

The features of our filling heating machine:

The machine contact parts are made of SUS316 to keep the grade of machine at the GMP standard. The PLC and HMI system is easy to control and operate.
The filling system adopts the servo motor which controls in high precision the screw auger and piston cylinder to ensure the filling process and filling accuracy;
Just simple input the number in the touch screen without changing other parts to change the filling volume;
Servod-driven controlling technology to dive-fill the materials,which is complemented by the electric impulse,ensures the filling nozzles diving into the bottles or other containers for filling;
The speed is adjustable during the diving filling lest the nozzles contact the bottles mouth,then the filling materials avoid being contaminated.
The number of the capacity can be set. when the number is hit the machine will stop the running.
The materials delivery system and filling part as well as the feeding hopper is equipped with the temperostatic system; Double jacket setting for the parts like pipes cylinder pluts the filling nozzles;
The heat transfer medium is the water or oil which can keep the temperature staying at the setting point(The temperature volume can be adjustable )

►Notice on the key factory to choose the filling machine:

The most important piece of the entire bottling line is without a doubt the bottle filling machine. This component is the only machine that has direct contact with the finished product and must therefore ensure maximum reliability in terms of hygiene and quality of the end product. This means preserving the product’s characteristics during the filling phase and being easy to clean or, when in contact with products that are particularly sensitive to contamination, being easily sterilized.

During the filling phase, liquid products to be packaged can be foamy, dense, creamy, fluid, powder or granules. They are delivered into special package types such as bottles, vials, pots, jars, cans, tanks, buckets, tins, bags, sacks or bag-in-boxes.

There are different filling processes (negative pressure, gravity, isobaric) which utilize different types of fillers, including volumetric fillers with batching syringes, gravity fillers with electronic or mechanical weighing units, and negative pressure fillers at constant levels (suitable only for very rigid recipients). The machines are set and calibrated to help ensure flawless operation and exceptional precision.

Technic parameters of filling machine with SUS316 stainless steel contact parts

Main configuration of juice filling heating mixing machine:

PLC: Simens Germany
Touch screen: Simens Germany
Servo motor: Schneider France
Switch: Omron Japan
Pneumatic parts: AirTac TaiWan
Optical senser: Leuze Germany

Spare parts list of cherry concentrate filling machine:

Selenoid valve
Magnetic switch
O rings
Heating tubes
Connection parts

Wooden case packing