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Corner Bathroom Vanities

Corner bathroom vanities are a type of bathroom vanities that offers a great number of advantages which we're going to discuss later. These vanities are usually used in smaller bathroom with the intention of saving space. Due to the fact that corner bathroom vanities are compact and at the same time look very stylish, they can be frequently found in small apartments, half bathrooms, and special layouts which lack space. If for you space is a problem as well you may be sure that corner bathroom vanities won't only add more space in your bathroom but will make this room look very attractive and stylish.

Corner bathroom vanities are nowadays available in a great variety of shapes and styles. Thus, you can find vanities of traditional, antique, and contemporary style. Most of them are rectangular or square in shape as they are located in the corner of the room. You can also find pedestal designs with a rounded base which are also popular today. Besides, these bathroom vanities vary in color. It's a serious task to choose the matching color of a corner bathroom vanity. First of all, it should be a fashionable color, as well as beautiful and obligatory match the main shade of the bathroom fixtures including the bathtub and toilet. Today, some homeowners prefer those colors which emphasize the color of the walls and floors. It has to be mentioned that white or off-white colors are perfect if you prefer to place the vanities in the background.

Contemporary corner bathroom vanities are presented with or without cabinets. The latter are usually produced from wood such as maple, mahogany, cherry, or oak. Most of people choose corner bathroom vanities with cabinets as they are very convenient to store different toiletries. It has to be remembered that these vanities require special care to be constantly protected from the negative impact of moisture and water.

Before buying a corner bathroom vanity, it is highly recommended to consult a sales associate concerning the important information about a suitable vanity for your personal bathroom. You'll need to consider such aspects as height and width of the desired corner bathroom vanity. Deciding on the size of this product pay attention to the number of persons living in your house (or those who are going to use the vanity on a regular basis), their ages and even sizes. Corner bathroom vanities should have the height to make it convenient for such procedures as putting makeup, teeth-brushing, hand-washing etc.

If you have a too small bathroom you probably know how difficult it is to get additional free space on the floor. But due to the recent innovations in bathroom furnishings, every homeowner with a small bathroom gets a wonderful opportunity to create more floor space even in a tiny bathroom. And the corner bathroom vanity is at the top of this list of furnishings.

Corner bathroom vanities are an excellent way not only to save more floor space in a tiny bathroom, but it will also provide your with more storage space. This becomes possible due to a corner area that is taken by this product, so a greater part of your bathroom is left free for your usage, so red copper square dance pan.

Corner bathroom vanities available in the market are presented in different styles, colors, and extra options. You can always shop around and check up what is offered by your local home improvement store.

Now it's high time to discuss the most popular models of corner bathroom vanities. While shopping for these products it's necessary to know such a name as Vintage Oak. This model costs about $650.00 and its cabinet is produced from 100% natural oak that can be located in any space. This cabinet is decorated with rather warm tones that will embrace you with coziness providing you with much space at the same time.

The next model is Belle Forte that can be found through Wal-mart and costs about $650.00 as well. It can be purchased from an online center called Just vanities that offers a great collection of corner bathroom vanities the prices of which range from $300.00 to more than $1,500.00. The price of corner bathroom vanities is greatly determined by the style of the cabinet.

Finally, if you are searching for contemporary, modern, antique or industrial corner bathroom vanities, you will probably find it either from your local store or online at a much lower price. You should keep in mind that it is always better to shop around before making the final decision. Even if you spend more time on searching the necessary corner bathroom vanity, be sure that you are going to save much money. Have fun shopping!